Benefits: PHYTORELIEF® provides NATURAL RELIEF from COUGH & COLD by harnessing the power of the ‘Phyto-actives’ of Turmeric, Ginger, and Pomegranate. Being a natural solution, PhytoRelief® has no side-effects seen and is safe for long term use.

    Why AlchemLife? AlchemLife’s natural healthcare solutions provide clinically tested efficacy, have no side effects seen and are safe for long term use. They are packed with the power of ‘Phyto-actives’ – the most powerful ingredients in medicinal plants. These ‘Phyto-actives’ are developed using its proprietary plant molecular extraction technology called PhytoAdvance® which is backed by over 75 years of R&D.

    Proven Effectiveness: Clinical studies have proven that the usage of AlchemLife’s PhytoRelief® results in a significant REDUCTION in SYMPTOMS, DURATION & OCCURRENCE of COLD & COUGH.

    Dosage: Each strip contains 10 lozenges with a recommended dosage of 3-4 lozenges per day. Keep in mouth for as long as possible.


    Fr 9.8