• AlchemLife
  • FlexiQule

    The natural, clinically tested treatment for chronic joint stiffness & pain

  • Phytocid-GT®

    natural treatment for indigestion & gas

  • PhytoRelief-CC®

    The effective clinically tested defence against flu & cold virus

  • ProstaQuilTM

    natural prostate care for men

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The AlchemLifeTM Story
The AlchemLifeTM Story

A pioneer in nature-inspired health solutions with over 3 decades of resounding success.

Adequately supported and soundly backed by 75 years of experience in providing plant derived APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries across 35 countries.

Using proprietary advanced Phytoadvance technology, pure and extremely effective natural ingredients are produced. This abiding philosophy rules our commitment.

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