A Conversation About Constipation: Symptoms, causes and treatment


Constipation is one of those conditions that one rarely talks about; it doesn’t exactly make for great dinner table conversation, yet, its one of the most common disorders that all of us are likely to face at one time or another.

So what causes constipation?

Sudden changes in lifestyle, eating habits, having a sedentary lifestyle and even travel can lead to the condition. If your fluid intake is inadequate and you’re neglecting those fiber, fruits and vegetables, it could trigger constipation. Even some medications can cause the condition. Women, in general, are more susceptible to constipation and it can also occur as a symptom to those who are depressed or have mental health conditions.

You know you’re constipated if you have had a bowel movement three or less times in the past week.The symptoms of constipation are bloating, gas, nausea,irritable bowel syndrome and abdominal pain. In extreme cases you can also get fever and could lead to a bloody stool. In this case it is important to go to a doctor.

Superfoods for Constipation relief

However, there are natural remedies that can provide relief from constipation.Various super foods help to provide instant constipation relief. Some of these include eating fiber-rich foods can increase the frequency of bowel movements. Vegetables like broccoli and potatoes, and fruits like apples, pears and plums are rich in fiber and can certainly help ease the condition but won’t entirely get rid of the symptoms of constipation.

Super foods for Constipation relief

Stay Hydrated

Needless to say, staying hydrated is extremely important, and so is exercise. Increase your intake of probiotics by eating more yoghurt and replace white bread with whole grain bread.

Stay Hydrated

Natural Laxative Supplement

Natural laxatives like LaxaQuestTM can cause natural and effective relief from constipation. LaxaQuestTM works by harnessing the power of plant actives of senna leaf, fennel seed & triphla extract in a synergisitic manner. Clinical research studies over the years show it to be effective to relieve occasional constipation as it is a stimulant laxative and usually provides relief in 6-12 hours.

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The Natural Effective Relief for Constipation
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