Does Arthritis Pain Intensify with Changing Weather?

Arthritis Pain

The correlation between weather and osteoarthritis signs and symptoms have been a long-standing debate between arthritis sufferers and science. The patient believes there is a clear connection between the two and claim that their osteoarthritis symptoms worsen during winter and rainy season.

However, compelling evidence in the past studies show that the effects of weather-related factors such as rain, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and precipitation over arthritis pain is inconclusive or contradictory.

For example, the 222 patients with hip osteoarthritis symptoms that participated in a Dutch study over a two year the period found that their overall average impact on stiffness and pain with rising barometric pressure and humidity was insignificant.

Moreover, researchers also placed arthritis sufferers in an artificially created environmental scenario with varying weather and barometric conditions. But they were unable to figure why and what about the weather affect osteoarthritis symptoms, further increasing their skepticism about the connection.

The Truth – Pain overshadows any myth

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