COPD – A Common Threat to Smokers

COPD – A Common Threat to Smokers

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) has come up as the fourth leading cause of death and its importance has slightly increased as per World Health Organization’s report suggesting that it would be the third leading cause by 2030. It is a severe lung inflammation that occurs when someone has a long-term exposure to detrimental substances like smoke, fume, dust, chemicals etc. Numerous studies have validated the fact  that the risk factor of COPD goes hand in hand with pollution and it will increase drastically in years to come. The symptoms of COPD are often ignored thus leaving patients in a miserable condition where they find immense difficulties in breathing.

While smoking is universally identified as the primary cause for COPD, exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants as well as numerous infections also leads to this chronic inflammation. Chest X-ray is one sure shot diagnostic tool  that reveals the picture of lungs, airways and more to spot the problem. Furthermore, pulmonary function test (PFT) is recommended to ascertain the lung capacity of the patient. One should consult a pulmonologist if X-ray report indicates COPD. Doctor will decide the dosage of medicines on the basis of  PFT result that showcases how lungs are expanding and contracting while the person inhales and exhales air.


1. The Symptoms of COPD

Symptoms of COPD

Someone can’t be a victim of COPD overnight. It is a prolonged abuse and degradation of lungs and  starts with shortness of breath and coughing which are normally considered as chest cold symptoms. While chest congestion, wheezing and frequent coughing are the early signs of chronic lung inflammation, more progressive symptoms may include tachypnea, respiratory distress, excess mucous, lack of energy etc.


2. Risk Factors for COPD

cigarette smoking - Risk Factors for COPD

As is known smoking is the most vital factor causing obstacles in lungs. But passive smokers are also at the risk of developing this health hazard. Long term cigarette smoking and large amount of second-hand smoke both are equally damaging for lung health as smoke damages airways, air sacs and the lining of the lungs over time. Consequently, it reduces the oxygen absorbing carbon dioxide expelling capacities of the capillaries making breathing more difficult for smokers.

Asthma patients

Asthma patients invite deaths when  they smoke. They face higher risks of developing deadly lung diseases and COPD is one of them. Evidently, it causes permanent damage to lungs leaving the patients with a lifelong disease that requires frequent health checkups and daily medication. People with COPD develop cough symptoms leading again to a poor lung condition.

pollution, smoke, fog, smog

Occupational exposure to chemicals, dust and fumes also can inflame lungs that eventually creates an obstacle in breathing. People who work in the coal fields and factories are more susceptible to dust particles as they inhale dust, fumes etc. throughout the day. Cooking in a poorly ventilated house can also lead to the same misery.

People who don’t smoke and lead a sophisticated life can also be a victim of COPD. Alpha –1Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD)is a threatening genetic disorder for developing COPD.  The deficiency of Alpha -1Antitrypsin protein in the bloodstream paves the way for white blood cells to affect the lungs that starts gradual deterioration.

There are a few things that you can adapt to live a healthier life. Upper respiratory tract infections that eventually cause severe inflammation in the lungs can be taken care of in its initial stage by taking PhytoRelief CC(PRCC). The active ingredients of turmeric, pomegranate and ginger are extracted using Phytoadvance technology to produce PRCC sugar-free lozenge that offers optimum preventive care for cough, cold and flu. Cough symptoms are alarming for COPD patients due to their poor lungs conditions. To mitigate the severity of cough, people with COPD can also take PRCC as it is possibly the best natural medicine for cold.

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