Alcohol: The Enigmatic & Proverbial Savior

Alcohol: The Enigmatic & Proverbial Savior

Alcohol, the most enigmatic of all vices as from the societal viewpoint, has just been given yet another feather in its proverbial cap. As per a recent study conducted by Dr. Bo Xi of the School of Public Health at Shandong University in China, regular consumption of limited amount of alcohol can not only prolong your lifespan but can also significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack.

The researchers took into account health survey data of some 333,000 U.S. adults, wherein their health records for the past eight years were observed in an effort to understand the impact of their alcohol consumption on to their life span.  Although, this isn’t the first of its kind study to have focused on the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, yet the mere fact that the results of others along with this one have pretty much yielded the same results, makes this research all the more credible and effective.

With this particular study, it has been observed that there’s a definite correlation between alcohol and heightened life spans. Teetotalers were observed to be at a higher risk of being marred by cardiac conditions, while those consuming moderate levels of alcohol showed more than 20% resistance to heart related illnesses.

In a statement, Dr. Bo Xi emphasized, “If alcohol is consumed, it should be consumed in moderation.”

However, do not pop out the champagne just yet. The news for binge and heavy drinkers is still bleak. According to this study, those with a heavy drinking routine had a 10% increased chance to dying from various causes, while also exhibiting a 20% higher odds of being hit by cancer and subsequent death.  There is no surprise that binge drinkers are so highly susceptible to life-threatening diseases. It is a well established fact that heavy drinkers are marred by a host of often fatal illnesses, such as those of the liver, heart and even certain forms of cancers.

To ensure more accurate and robust results, the researchers had divided the observed adults into six categories.  These categories included lifetime abstainers, people who had alcohol on very rare occasions, ex-drinkers, light drinkers, moderate linkers and heavy drinkers.  Throughout the eight years of data, it was observed that 34,754 people died, which included 8,947 fatalities due to cardiac illnesses and another 8,427 died from cancer.

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