Did you know iPad can sure be a pain in the neck? Use it smartly

cause of neck pain - number of hours spent on ipad & smartphones

The inescapable reality of today is that number of hours spent on iPad, smartphones or other touchscreens have sky rocketed whether at work or home. This causes people to tilt and slouch their head for long durations.

Commonly known as ‘iPad Neck’ or ‘Tablet neck’, a condition of constant neck pain and shoulder problem due to sitting without back support and slouching. It is not the hours that  matter, it’s the posture while doing the screen time that is the biggest reason behind the neck pain.

New study published in the journal of physical therapy revealed gender and posture are significant factors to musculoskeletal symptoms during touch screen tablet computer or iPad use. The study was conducted on 412 participants showing that there was a 67.9% prevalence of neck symptoms (neck: 84.6%; shoulder/upper extremity: 65.4%) during tablet use. Further analysis showed that the odds for females to have symptoms were 2.059 times higher than males.

Studies have also suggested that looking down on screens or smartphones at an angle results in placing an effective weight on the neck ranging from 27 lb weight at a 15-degree angle to 60lb at 60 degrees and continued usage stresses your spine that may lead to wear,tear and possible surgery.

There are various ways to ease this everyday neck pain:

Neck & back pain support chair


support chair for neck pain relief

Neck and back support is a good way to sustain good posture and prevent you to slouch with the iPad or tablet in you lap.

Posture reminder devices

Great posture comes from a combination of anatomy, muscular endurance and correct neuro muscular patterns. The communication between your brain and your muscles. These devices check on you every day and nudges you to the target posture when you start to slouch helping you to rewire the muscular patterns for better posture.


Keep iPad /tablet at eye level

ThioQuest Gel for neck pain relief

Refrain from placing the tablet on a flat surface as it invites people to slouch and result in neck pain. Instead use a stand or hold up the device to decrease the angle of your neck while using the device.


Strength training exercises for lower back pain relief

neck pain relief exercises

Exercises to strengthen neck and shoulder muscle such as arm rows, upright rows or reverse flies help improve muscular strength and ease neck and lower back pain. Regular stretches help keep reduce stiff neck.

Use Natural Topical pain relief gel /creams instead of prescription medications:

Chronic Neck Pain

Using anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines help reduce pain but the chronic use may have their own set of side-effects. Instead use topical gel such as ThioQuest Gel, a quick relief gel that helps reduce pain and spasm.It contains natural extracts of thiocolchicoside, an extract of glorosia superba ,which has effective muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties. ThioQuest Gel is non-greasy and non-staining and helps reduce neck pain,shoulder pain and lower back pain. From “blackberry thumb” (repetitive strain injury caused by texting), iPad Hand (pain caused by swiping and typing) to ‘iPad Neck’ ,the list of ailments seem to be the inevitable and expanding with every new technology invention. It wise to use them smartly!

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