Low Back Pain-Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

low back pain

You are absolutely normal and then one day you stretch out for a glass of water, awkwardly and the unresponsive muscle in the low back, not happy with the move… revolts. It tears in protest to set an incapacitating pain in the region and enters the body resolutely, as an unwelcome guest. May be the muscle had been sending out signals that went unnoticed and the structural support for which it was designed, is now firmly denied.

Low Back Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

That are many Causes for Back Pain:

The back is a web of bony ligaments, muscles and discs. The discs embedded with a jelly-like substance serve as cushioning pads in the vertebral bodies. When impacted, they get herniated and irritate the tissues and nerves surrounding it, causing compression and inflammation.

  • The low back pain could be as a consequence of conditions impacting the lumbar spine, which is bony and injuries cause aggravation.
  •  Born with a degenerative disc disease, deformities with time could further compound the problem.
  •  Some constriction or narrowing around the spinal cord is yet another common cause.

Symptoms For Low Back Pain:

  • Low back pain…a constant, nagging reminder, running through the buttocks, legs and feet.
  • This unsavoury health outcome could either be mechanical or radicular.
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control, since the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine and blood-ferrying vessels, lose normal functions.
  • Weight loss and fever.
  • Kidney infections, tumours, ovary problems and occasionally identified symptoms of aneurysms.

Treating Low Back Pain:

Pain has to be addressed. Simple!

Some people prefer to last it out for self-seeking resolutions. It happens, but not always.

If the pain is more than 90 days, it could be chronic back pain and on the outside could be a precursor of cancer!! So it has to be treated.

  • Physical activity and carefully-calibrated exercise under professional supervision take precedence. Muscles gain strength and that is the objective.
  • Massage, localised heat applications and cold compress is often the way forward.
  • Do not be a superman. No heavy weight lifting, no uncoordinated  movements and correct postures are recommended,
  • Prescription drugs. But keep an eye on the red-flagged side effects. Avoid tobacco to ward off osteoporosis.
  • Surgery, opioids, cortisone injections should not figure prominently in the “getting better” matrix.

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