Lower Back Pain Mishandling Now a Global Concern

Lower Back Pain Mishandling Now a Global Concern

Healthcare, as a topic, has for a long time been at the forefront of not only groundbreaking inventions but also a political agenda over which governments ‘make or break’. With healthcare under the scanner across the globe, a major study published in the reputed Lancet medical journal has observed that lower back pain is one of the most badly treated medical conditions in the world. The scale and scope of this mistreatment have not only astronomically increased but has now reached alarming global levels.

Widely considered to be the most common cause of disability, over 540 million individuals suffer from back pain condition. As per the study, many medical practitioners around the world have been found to prescribe only bed rest and high-tech tests that neither solves the issue of back pain while prolonging as well as aggravating the condition too.

However, governments have now taken stock of the situation. Especially in the U.K, the NHS or the National Health Service has laid down guidelines for the treatment of unspecified lower back pain concerns. As per these new norms, the doctors are actively discouraged from recommending surgeries without identifying the problem.The procedure to diagnosis of chronic low back pain include history taking,clinical examination,imaging whether conventional X-ray,MRI,CT scan or discography,electromyography (EMG),invasive diagnostic techniques like facet joint blocks ,physical capacity and fitness evaluation which include cardiorespiratory endurance,trunk muscle strength evaluation etc.

The treatment of lower back chronic pain include noninvasive & invasive treatments and drugs:


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Non-invasive treatments:

These include bed rest,lumbar support,massage,heat or cold therapy,tractions or physical reconditioning and exercises.

Invasive treatments:

These include conventional epidural injections,acupuncture,radio-frequency, intradiscal techniques,spinal cord stimulation,surgery etc.


These include paracetamol,anti-inflammatory drugs,opioids,muscle relaxants or topical NSAIDs etc

Furthermore, the merits of physical exercise and an active lifestyle are being pressed upon patients for a holistic approach towards treatment of several unidentified lower back pain conditions.While physical exercises and avoidance of surgeries are definitely beneficial for patients, yet depending upon the intensity, lower back pain can be extremely discomforting. This is where you should give a try to ThioQuest Gel, best back pain relief gel.

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