5 Tips to Prevent Cough, Cold & Flu

5 Tips to Prevent Cough, Cold, & Flu

Caught a cold? Too late now. Annoying cold and flu symptoms like telltale tickle in the throat, sniffling, and sneezing confirm that virus has invaded your system.  While most people look for over-the-counter medicines, researchers say that many of the active ingredients in those medicines are ineffective.  It is worth safeguarding beforehand to avoid misery during the flu season unless you want to sit with a box of Kleenex.

So, it is important to take some preventive measures to fight off the rampant viruses. But this doesn’t mean that you should always wear a surgical mask while taking public transport. Here are some simple and natural solutions to help you keep cold, cough, and flu germs at bay.


1. Cold Cough Prevention:


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Cold and flu viruses spread at a lightning speed as they are easily transmittable. Studies indicate that such contagious viruses have direct access to the three most fragile parts of the body which include nose, mouth, and hands. To ward off the chances of getting cold and cough, washing hands and using a hand sanitizer can be the best defense practice especially after using a public lavatory, transport, doorknobs, keyboards and before having food. Also, keeping a safe distance from a sneezing person in a confined place is the way recommended to avoid this annoying affliction.


2. Daily Exercise :


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Daily physical exercise is a time tested method of maintaining body fitness as well as promoting the healthy immune function. Stress relieving exercises allow antibodies to spread into your bloodstream faster than usual, by increasing blood circulation. Breathing exercises are strongly recommended to reduce chances of seasonal flu attacks by strengthening respiratory health. In addition, aerobic is an effective activity to balance heart pumping as it consequently improves body’s natural virus-killing cells.


3. Skip Booze for better Immune System:


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Happy hour deals in your favorite bar may tempt you to sit with your friends but alcohol is no less than a poison as it has some lethal consequences. The dehydrating effect of alcohol consumption makes you more susceptible to virus attacks by suppressing the nervous system and hence weakening the immune system.


4. Sleep on Schedule:


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Psychological stress badly affects health by making people more susceptible to the flu virus and other illnesses. The therapeutic power of sleep magically reduces stress level by energizing you from inside. Research indicates that the body repairs cells and heals injuries during a peaceful sleep. So getting a sleep for at least seven hours is not only refreshing but it eventually helps strengthening the immune system.


5. Add Antioxidants to the Diet:

The immune system is body’s natural defense to fight off foreign elements causing a variety of ailments. Anti-oxidants rich veggies like spinach, tomato, and spices like ginger, turmeric, and garlic are extremely effective to provide protection from the seasonal changes. Regular intake of anti-oxidant rich foods promotes optimal immune function and hence reduces the chances of a common cold and cough.

Although these tips are very useful to keep cold and flu at bay, most people look for quick-fix or ready-made solutions to curb chances of falling prey to prevalent germs.

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