Alert: Dengue Can Cause Complete Blindness as a Complication

Dengue Can Cause Complete Blindness as a Complication

That time of the year is upon is when mosquitoes begin to wreak havoc, bringing with them a host of illnesses that at times can prove to be fatal too. One such fatal ailment, Dengue, is all set to make a comeback this 2018, thanks to the deplorable sewage systems, pools of stagnant water and numerous other hygiene deficiencies. Now, in a rare case of dengue complications reported from Mumbai, India, a 23-year-old female accountant suffered from complete blindness after being diagnosed with the dengue illness.


This hardly ‘ever-heard of’ complication arising from dengue surfaced in the month of November, 2017 and the patient is said to be on the road to recovery after four months of treatment and three eye surgeries.  As per the reports released by doctors at Jaslok Hospital, the woman patient suffered 100% eyesight loss after four to five days of the disease. At the onset of the illness, the patient was taken to a local nursing home and was exhibiting classic signs of dengue fever, which primarily include dengue rashes and during the dengue treatment, complete blindness settled in 24 hours.

Given the medical term, ‘Dengue Retinopathy’, this particular condition is known to be an extremely rare complication arising from the dreaded fever. The blindness is said to occur as response to the immune system’s aggressive response to battle the dengue virus and in this particular case, this action led to the damaging of the patient’s retinas.

The rarity of dengue retinopathy is as such that according to a leading Mumbai-based hospital, in the last three to five years, only ten cases of complete eyesight loss due to dengue have been reported and treated. According to Dr. S Nataraj, Aditya Jyot Hospital, “When the dengue virus goes in the system and starts widely circulating, it could at times settle in the eye, as it could in other organs or tissues. It causes inflammation of retina and blood vessels or bleeding in the retina. All these complications could lead to a loss of vision. The good news is that the eyesight could be recovered in most cases with timely intervention.

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