Antibiotics Found to be Detrimental for Immune System

Antibiotics Found to be Detrimental for Immune System

Another big reason to worry for the patients and the doctors as well! We normally rely on antibiotic medications especially when suffering from a chronic illness. Knowing its expanding ability to shorten the symptoms of any ailments, antibiotic becomes an easy choice for everyone. But studies indicate some alarming side effects of antibiotics that can even harm body’s natural defense system against infections and invading viruses.

In recent studies conducted at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, it is found that the function of neutrophils, an immune cell becomes less effective in combating infections and weakens intestinal wall that protects against the marauding bugs. Antibiotic disruption of the natural defense in form of human microbiome makes one more susceptible to foreign invaders that cause severe infections.

Fact is that friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract helps building more than 80 percent of human body’s immunity. The presence of friendly bacteria is found in the prenatal stage and  progressively more bacteria get generated in the gut. Immune system’s job of listing good and bad cells  and promptly detecting foreign particles present in the body is a lifelong process. Having good bacteria is a healthier option to fight off such sudden disruption.


Antibiotic can be the worst enemy to impair body’s natural immune system as it fails to discriminate good and bad bacteria and ends up killing both good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics given to children are even more damaging. A good amount of neuro-chemicals populate in the gut which get disrupted with the adverse effects of antibiotic. In a nutshell, antibiotic that has been touted as the life saving drug can cause life threatening diseases.

Adverse effects of antibiotics are also found in the body of adults as well. After taking prescribed course of antibiotics, patients often complain about complications in the digestive system, loss of appetite, physical weakness etc. that take a few more months to restore the balance in the body. Heavy metal in the gut is bad and is yet another defining factor for intestinal bacteria. Watch out!

Going back to the opening submission of the deleterious effects of antibiotics, a way had to be found to medicate without side-effects. History provided a peep to this problem and phyto chemicals, with ever increasing technological advancements came to the rescue. It is now possible to get the right extract of the active ingredient from plants for making highly effective Phytoceuticals with no side-effect seen.

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