Asthma-Causes, symptoms and treatments

Asthma Pump - Treatment for Asthma

May 1st, 2018,  with its motto “NEVER TOO EARLY NEVER TOO LATE” was observed as World Asthma Day.  This life- threatening  disease  is  a major area of concern, and  World Health Organisation has estimated a staggering 235 million people impacted by this illness. Other reports have put this number at almost 300 million.

What is Asthma?

It is a chronic infection of the lungs, where the bronchial tubes narrow, inhibit and reduce airways causing difficulty in breathing.

Asthma in the family tends to increase the propensity of  risk for other family members.The severity and frequency  of asthmatic condition changes. Whereas ,the milder form of asthma may not require a very aggressive intervention, those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) could  even need Intensive Care treatment. COPD is not curable, but treatable. Hence, the imperative need for early detection.

Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma symptoms include breathlessness, coughing, wheezing, feeling of tightness in the chest. The symptoms, their frequency and duration vary from person to person. However no symptom of asthma should be left untreated.

Common Asthma triggers

Pollution - Common Asthma triggers

Bad, polluted air  is perhaps the most significant and  crucial factor causing this disease. The need for clean, pristine air, needs no emphatic assertion. Dust mites as another cause, are rated very high on this matrix. Among other reasons  are viral infections, iced drinks, frozen foods and tobacco. Notable changes in temperatures from severe cold to hot  have been known to cause spasms, leading to worrying  aggravation.

Asthma Treatment and Tests options

The most common test to measure the lung function is the Spirometry test.It measures how much and how quickly a person can forcibly exhale air is normally done to ascertain the extent of damage. A peak flow meter is used to measure how hard you can breathe out.

Identifying the triggers and taking steps to avoid them are essential to control asthma.The usual recommended medication when asthma flares up are bronchodilators which help open the air ways.


Natural remedies such as If you regularly complain of a cough, cold or a sore throat- PhytoRelief- CC ® made from natural active ingredients of turmeric, ginger, and pomegranate help provide relief from cough,cold, sore throat and throat pain.It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and also helps to boost immune system.

Herbal remedies involving cinnamon, honey, licorice, freshly grated ginger are known to provide relief. The composition , frequency and dosage should be taken after due consultation with a doctor.

Needless to add,  this disease, with grave consequences  needs focussed medical assistance and intervention !!

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