Can Coughing so hard make you vomit?

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Ever heard of chronic cough leading to vomit? Well, hard coughing sure does that!

Cough usually happens when the body senses a presence of unwanted elements in the throat or the airway passage. One generally coughs to force out the exasperation in the throat that prevents choking and helps get rid of the irritating itchiness in the throat .

Although cough is a normal medical condition, wherein one exerts force on the outside, there can be instances, where strong chronic cough can actually lead to breaking of bones, bleeding and sometimes vomiting too. This happens because of the muscle reflex that gets triggered by strong cough.

Numerous reasons for coughing such as:

Chronic Cough in Smoker

Alchemlife-Phytorelief CC-Smoking cigarettesRegular cigarette smoking harms the protective elements of the airway in the lungs, by which the germs, mucus and other foreign particles don’t clear up from the airway leading to sore throat and chronic cough. Smoker’s cough is usually chesty and dry cough in nature and exerts  a lot of pressure too, which can cause vomiting.

Asthma or Viral infection

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Many times asthma or infections lead to chronic cough. RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is one such infection that can also lead to pneumonia. Other infections that dry cough cause include chronic bronchitis and whopping cough, to name a few. Production of mucus in such cases increases in the airway that triggers a chronic cough, which leads to choking and vomiting.

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In such cases try taking PhytoRelief-CC.  It is a natural cough relief supplement that aids in congestion and throat pain relief. PhytoRelief-CC  is considered to be the best supplements for immune system that helps you get rid of throat irritation cough.

Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Acid reflux is commonly a byproduct of stomach acid, which backs into the food pipe and the airway as well. It leads to sore throat and sometimes severe cold and cough.

To gain lasting relief from gastric problems, Phytocid -GT is one such natural and clinically tested supplement that  gives relief from indigestion and gas. It helps in reducing bloated stomach and provides instant relief from gastric problems thereby curbing down any chances of vomiting.

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