‘Germs on a Plane’: 5 Tips to Fly Flu Free

5 Tips to Fly Flu Free

Travelling by air may seem to be exhilarating and appealing but it’s no surprise that aircraft are the perfect venues for the contraction of cold symptoms and symptoms of the flu. Evidently, this makes one vulnerable and at a higher risk to get a few sniffles, or worse, a full-on case of the common cold and a flu symptoms.

Don’t feel paranoid about picking up the nasty cold virus in flight. Outlined below are five simple flu recovery tips to best avoid viruses while you’re locked with a few hundred germ carriers and fly flu free.

1. Clean, Disinfect and Sanitize For Common Cold:

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Germs are on the loose at 30,000ft from some obvious (seatback pocket, tray table, cushions) and less obvious (armrest of an aisle seat, TV screens, in-flight entertainment clickers) sources.Your hands are consistently the first point of contact with cold or flu and other germs. Hand sanitizer is the best precaution and a self-defense practice that should be employed especially before eating or after visiting the washroom. Various hot germ zones in the airplane can be handled by wiping down the armrests, tray table, cushions, and TV screen with a disinfectant wipes before use. Also, one should avoid stashing personal belongings like books or sunglasses in the seat pocket.

2. Stay Hydrated & Strengthen Your ‘Immune System’

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Flying at higher altitudes in pressurized cabins results in significantly lower humidity levels. This makes passengers more susceptible to dehydration, lower immunity, and virus attacks, thus causing a range of issues such as dry skin, scratchy eyes, dry cough, throat infection etc. Drinking plenty of water, juices or potassium rich-drinks will not only counter the dehydrating effects such as headaches, stomach problems, fatigue and more but also induce immuno-modulatory properties. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks should be avoided as they fail to quench the thirst and additionally cause dehydration.

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3. Choose a Window Seat To Kick Flu Symptoms:

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Window seat or aisle? Sitting in the aisle seat may give you more legroom but consequently it increases your chances of coming in contact with germs specially when passengers head to and from the toilet. If you know what’s good for you, guess window is your best choice!  Besides a nice view, you have a lesser chance of being exposed to germs and have uncalled swine flu symptoms while being airborne.

4. Direct Your Air Vent For Flu Recovery

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It’s a myth that the air system in the cabin makes the passengers sick. Today’s aircrafts are equipped with sophisticated air-filtering systems that help create enough current to capture up to 99% percent of the bacteria and viruses, hence reducing the transmission rates of cold and flu viruses. Keeping personal vents above your head open helps push away contagious germs floating near you from an infected person.

5. Filter The Air by Wearing a Mask to avoid Cold Allergy

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Contact with airborne germs is one of the fastest ways to get an infection. The easiest way to avoid it is by wearing a filtration mask (found at most pharmacies) during your travel.

Planes are cold and flu factories and air travel increases the risk of URT infection, due to being in confined spaces, having shared air, and low cabin humidity. Adhering to the above tips won’t guarantee to keep you germ-free, but it will definitely increase chances of flying flu free.

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