Got the flu blues? try Turmeric for cold and cough relief

Turmeric for cold and cough relief

Everyone has vivid memories of drinking the magical concoction their grandmas made them when they were unwell. Most of these were age-old recipes consisting of one key ingredient- Turmeric.

Turmeric tea for cold and cough relief

Turmeric, the earthy cousin of the ginger family Zingiberaceae contains curcuminoids. While diferuloylmethane gives turmeric its colour and medicinal value, the hidden warrior is curcumin that lends turmeric its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory nature. The popularity of turmeric has surged across the world due to its multiple medical benefits. From turmeric lattes to teas, it is today used in many beverages and cuisines globally.

Turmeric lives up to its reputation of being a nutrition powerhouse by playing an important role in fighting against flu-like symptoms. It is highly effective in giving relief from a cough, cold or throat pain. A pinch of turmeric in your food or beverage can provide natural cough relief as it can activate your adrenal glands and act as an immunity booster. A cough associated with a runny nose can be relieved by drinking hot water mixed with turmeric. Adding turmeric powder while boiling milk can be a useful potion for a chronic cough. For cough caused by bacteria, drinking warm milk mixed with 1-2 tbsp of turmeric powder can prove to be magical.

Curcumin :

So how does turmeric work its magic in the body? Curcumin is clever and can target specific molecules within body cells that control inflammation, oxidative stress etc, depending on cells on the radar. It also inhibits the release of histamines in the body, and therefore gives you some respite and eases the sneezing and runny nose. Curcumin can even stop the respiratory syncytial virus from multiplying. Studies have shown that it activates the gene hemeoxygenase-1 in the brain, which causes the production of a strong anti-oxidant. Moreover, curcumin has its own antioxidant abilities thus enhancing the body’s immune system.

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