Got The Flu & Influenza Symptoms? The Why And What To Do

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Changing seasons usherin their own set of health issues. Influenza or the fluis one such common health outcome announcing its presence in October, peaking in December through February and staying on a bit longer.

Influenza is a very  “high- level” contagious disease manifesting through people-to-people contact and caused mainly by influenza A (H3N2 and H1N1) and B and C viruses. Tiny droplets in the air, carrying infection, make it widespread  resulting in its proliferation.

Of the three viruses, the maximum damage is caused by virus A, which has capabilities of mutating itself into different strains. It thus not only depletes immunity but at times cause hospitalisation as well.

At risk are children, pregnant women, the elderly, people suffering from HIV, diabetes, heart and lung ailments.

Flu and Influenza Symptoms 

Flu and Influenza Symptoms - Sneezing

The flu and influenza symptoms may start with common cold which demonstrates symptoms of stuffy nose or running nose, watery eyes, sore throat or intermittent sneezing.

While the common cold may resolve within a week or so, the flu  acting independently, with its attendant  symptoms may result in fever up to 100° F (38°C) or higher. Viral Fever  thus becomes the principal differentiator between the two.

Other significant symptoms of the flu , which mask those of the common cold are headaches which may become persistent, chest discomfort, sudden excessive fatigue, weakness.

How to make flu go away

Flu vaccines, flu shots or nasal sprays are on board as established options for prevention or cure. Vitamin C, and D help, as also Zinc supplements which act as immunity enhancers. Masks are known to help, but not definitive tools for total prevention, unless accompanied by washing of hands which augment prevention.

Home remedies, such as remaining hydrated, with plenty of fluids, gargling with salt-mixed warm water, rest, maintaining a high-level of personal hygiene, state strong claims for adherence.

Since, there is always  a likely-hood of relapse, rest up to 24 hours, after the fever lapses, is recommended.

As a consequence of the problem being contagious, crowded places should be avoided and care exercised while touching door knobs.

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