Raw Ginger: boon for the immune system but bane for digestion?

Ginger Benefits & Side Effects

Ginger is a real superfood. The versatile spice is used for cooking in the form of a paste, powder or juice. Mixed with turmeric, it is a great pain reliever and helps with a common cold and flu. It is used in a lot of home remedies to deal with cough and cold.

But should raw ginger be consumed regularly?

Raw ginger has a very strong flavour, and may not be easy to consume. Despite that,its consumption is common in Indian households. Given, ginger has many antioxidants and carminative properties, which make it a wholesome spice that works its magic throughout the body, but consuming raw ginger on a daily basis can cause certain side effects.

Ginger has laxative properties. So consumption of raw ginger regularly affects the digestive tract in the way that laxatives do, and it may result in vomiting, nausea or an upset stomach. It can also cause diarrhoea, belching and irritation in the mouth if its compounds get collected in excess. Eating raw ginger is known to result in drowsiness and sometimes even heartburn.

ginger root side effects

To avoid these side effects, ginger supplements can be taken to make up for a decreased intake. A supplement is a macronutrient, which contains vitamins for immune system. Supplements can be taken in addition to the normal diet, and are beneficial as foods often lack in nutrients due to farming techniques and excessive use of pesticides. Supplements to boost immune system are often encouraged to aid healthy bodily functions.


Phytorelief-CC is one such supplement, which contains natural ginger, turmeric and pomegranate extracts. This natural supplement is an immune booster supplement and acts as a shield for your immunity. It is a great way to maintain your ginger intake without the side effects. It acts a cure for common cold, aids flu recovery and relieves throat pain and sore throat.

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