Spike in Flu Cases with Sudden Climate Change & Pollution

Spike in Flu Cases with Sudden Climate Change & Pollution

The transition from summer to monsoon to winter to spring wrings changes in the mood of nature. Long days, budding flowers, green surroundings, changing colours of leaves followed by nippy cold and falling leaves are a part of this transitional change. But it doesn’t end here! The transition also offers unwanted health hazards which are unavoidable and impact feeble immune system. Drastic change of temperature give rise to many ailments but flu symptoms are most common and annoying that drives many victims to the nearest clinic.

Virus attacks remain the most dreaded culprits primarily responsible for cough, cold, and flu. And what is worse, flu viruses are easily transmittable. A casual hand shake can cause that! Avoiding such miserable condition is like a challenge. So here’s how one can ensure optimum protection against detrimental flu viruses.

1. Take Hot Shower For Cold Cough:


It is wise to take warm bath throughout the year as it not only feels good but also works wonder to relieve cough, stress, pain. Hot showers can help in loosening phlegm that often leads to chest congestion. Forget the malady! A luxurious hot water bath sets you up nicely for the day and this augmented physical condition silently prepares you for the battle with viruses.

2. Protect Yourself With Mask and Sanitizer For Flu Recovery:

Protect Yourself With Mask and Sanitizer

If people around you are getting flu symptoms like sneezing, cough,dry cough, blocked nose, etc., you know, it’s certainly not party time. Viruses take no time to spread from one to multiple people in one go. One of the best prevention is by covering your mouth and nose with a mask. Research also blames pollution as one of the major factors causing seasonal flu and this mask is an effective protection from dust, pollution and germs prevalent in the air. Additionally, carrying a hand sanitizer is also a practical choice to remain unfazed from viruses especially before meals.

3. Boost Immunity System:


Alchemlife-PRCC-Green vegetable

Weak immune system invites maximum contagious diseases like influenza which debilitates you and makes life painful. There are certain foods that give boost to the flagging immune system and including them in your daily diet can be the best bet to keep flu symptoms at bay. Such powerful foods are green leafy vegetables, egg, yogurt, chicken, citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, etc. which are available in abundance everywhere.  An almost emphatic adjunct to fruits and vegetables are vitamins and other nutrition foods. All these put together work as a powerful force to combat flu.

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