Wheezing Cough Causes Discomfort.. Needs Caution !!

wheezing cough

Lungs breathe life. Their criticality and importance need no further introduction. No breath…no life.

Air in the body is carried through air ducts in the lungs. When these ducts narrow down, a high-pitched whistling sound that can be squeaky is generated, resulting in difficulty in breathing. That is wheezing cough. Breathing in and exhaling, are the normal two processes. It is while exhaling out that this condition is more commonly associated with.

A brief mention of the body parts that constitute breathing activity may just be relevant here. The air is carried into the lungs through the Trachea(windpipe), which splits into Bronchi, then the Bronchioles and finally the alveoli,  which are tiny cells placed at the end of this spectrum, from where carbon-dioxide is expelled. So Bronchitis occurs when the family of Bronchioles and Bronchi are impacted.

Wheezing Cough Symptoms

Difficulty in breathing, where  each breath  gets  uncomfortably  laboured, spasms called bronchospasms, mucus, hoarseness, fever, chills, light headedness, feeling of an inhaled object or growths such as tumours, which could be benign or malignant are defined symptoms of a wheezing cough.

Wheezing Cough Causes

Asthma is one major common cause and should be accorded due  seriousness.  Shortness of breath, wheezing, mucus and sputum which is watery, occur in such cases. An aggravation of this condition could well be a rushed  medical emergency!!.

Chronic lung diseases such as Obstructive  Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or formally called Emphysema, infections, inflammations, structural aberrations, tonsils,  heart disease, where such attacks are episodic, bacterial pneumonia,  chronic allergies , are other notable causes.

Wheezing Cough Remedies

While the  way forward is to consult a doctor , who may prescribe tests, followed by anti-biotic interventions, there are some home remedies  that put up their hand for attention.

Among the most recommended ones are steam inhalation spiked  with some essential oils, hot drinks to relieve congestion, moderate in-take of honey (with  its obvious soothing properties), humidifiers and  air –purifiers. Stress is a trigger, especially for asthma. Best handled with a calm logical mind.

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