Did you know the most Germ-Ridden area in your house are your Bathroom Towels and Kitchen Towels?

Germ Ridden area in your house are your Bathroom Towels and Kitchen Towels

Revelation time! It’s not the toilet seat or the sink faucet or the doorknob. It’s the TOWEL- whether the kitchen, bath towels or hand towels are the key culprits to spreading germs around the home and can cause various infections and diseases.

When you use a towel, there is a transfer of the natural skin bacteria or any germs the body carries onto the surface of the towel. Hanging kitchen towels or hanging bathroom towels have a  constant transfer of microbes to the towel from whatever is being touched by you, be it the kitchen sink, toilet seat, fecal organism to name a few. It is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, hence spreading infection such as skin conditions, food poisoning etc is inevitable.

Golden Rules for Towel Management

A recent study from University of Arizona, found coliform bacteria in faeces could lead to outbreaks of food poisoning and diarrhoea. They found coliform in 89% of kitchen towels and E. coli in 14% of tea towels. Another study by the University of Mauritius has shown that moist kitchen towels could be very important in promoting the growth of potential pathogens responsible for food poisoning.

Golden Rules for Towel Management

Keeping your towels 100% germ-free is challenging, but you can work to limit the spread of microbes by washing your towel more often than not. Use hot water at 90C to wash and dry them completely especially between uses. Use more hand drying with paper towels and hand dryers instead of towels where ever possible in the bathrooms. Avoid damp, moist towels in the bathroom. Multipurpose usage of kitchen towels should be refrained. Sharing of face towels between family members may further spread microbes

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