4 Super-Foods for Instant Constipation Relief

Constipation: Man fight with pain

Whether it is our morning routine or an occasional off-clock moment, a normal bowel movement always offers relief and is quite beneficial for the digestive system. However, when the bowel activity becomes restricted, it’s often quite a painful and uncomfortable experience. Most commonly known as, ‘Constipation’, this medical condition is one of several issues that plague our daily regimen on a routine basis.

While we actively try to avoid getting sick, stomach concerns can pop-up at the unlikeliest of times and places. When constipation hits, the first thing it affects is one’s appetite and then begins the discomfort and eventual stomach aches. As your first intent is to dash towards the medicine cabinet, might we suggest a better and a more relief of constipation naturally? Take a look at the four Super-foods that are guaranteed to provide instant constipation relief and are also a boon to your over-all health.

Best Laxative – Whole Grain Bread

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Usually the very staple of a healthy and fulfilling breakfast, whole grain bread is known to be an excellent tool for constipation relief. High in dietary fibre and low in fat, this specific bread is known to provide a great deal of aid in clearing the digestive tract, thus leading to smooth motions.

Time for Broccoli for Relieving Constipation

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Hate it or love it, the universal Queen of fibre enriched foods; Broccoli is one item that is guaranteed to take the blues of constipation away as quickly as they came. To ensure maximum impact, it’s advisable to consume it in its raw form. However, if it is too much for your taste buds to handle, then best boil , steam or bake Broccoli while adding a pinch of olive oil, salt and pepper to take it as close to a ‘delight’ as it can get.

Fruits Can Never Go Wrong for Constant Constipation

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The one severe downside of constipation is the loss of appetite, to an extent where not even the most appeasing of delicacies seems inviting. This is where fruits take the mantle of a saviour. Timetabled consumption of fibrous fruits such as pears, apples and plums are a sure-shot way to remove constipation out of your daily equation. The best and quickest way to make these items work as expected is to have them unpeeled. With 4.4 gm of fibre in each of them, an unpeeled small pear and a medium apple for starters are the right way to a clean and naturally healthy stomach.

Potatoes for Constipation Solution

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Being a potato lover myself, I’m proud to say that potatoes are proven to be a highly effective tool against constipation and help in conduct of smooth motions. When suffering from this irritant, try one medium baked potato that itself contains 3.8 gm fibre, which in turn greatly helps in clearing the digestive tract of blockage. As far the potato family is concerned, a sweet potato in baked form is also known to be quite effective with a count of 4.8 gm of fibre content.


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While these super-foods and other home remedies are proven to be of great help during constipation, yet this is one digestive condition that can strike anytime, anyplace and you might not have such constipation remedies at hand all the time. Steps in LaxaQuest, a natural laxative that offers gentle and overnight relief from occasional constipation and irregularity. Developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology and packed with natural healing properties of triphla, senna and fennel seed, LaxaQuest promotes bowel movement in 6-12 hours and is one of the best natural medicines to give constipation relief. Try this natural laxative Today! And keep one handy with you all the time.

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