Constipation Relief – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

LaxaQuest for Constipation Relief

Constipation, a condition that by itself implies discomfort and unease. Irritation replaces normal behaviour, as the body is sending intermittent signals of some internal malfunction.

What is Constipation?

It is a condition, where the food in transit through the digestive system remains unbroken.  In this, the muscles and the colon play an all-important role.  Muscles designed  to push the stool for functional co-ordination become weak and the  colon whose function is  to re-absorb or recover  water from the stool underperforms , resulting in the stool to become hard and dry  and thereby difficult to expel.

Constipation Symptoms


Nurse comforting female patient facing stomach cramps due to constipation

Most common symptoms of constipation include strain during bowel movement, hard or lumpy stool, difficulty in passing stool or feeling of discomfort and incomplete emptying of stool, stomach ache, stomach cramps, nausea, loss of appetite.These symptoms could vary in severity causing occasional or chronic constipation that interfere with going about ones daily tasks.

What Causes Constipation?


What Causes Constipation? - eating unhealthy food

Constipation, research reveals is more a consequence of functional reasons, some of which are unhealthy and irregular eating habits, improper diet lacking fiber content, physical inactivity, not drinking enough water, side-effects of other medication, lactose intolerance, ageing, over-dependence on laxatives or pregnancy in the case of women, who tend to acquire this condition more than men due to hormone changes.Travel,change of routine or GI problems like IBS, celiac disease could also be possible causes of constipation.

Effects of constipation

Lethargy and discomfort are the two most common effects. However, serious medical conditions such as haemorrhoids, anal tears, anal fissures or prolapsed rectum can manifest. By word of caution, pressure should not be exerted while passing stools.

Options for Constipation Treatment

Treatment abound in the form of stool softening measures and natural laxatives. That is the good news.Where a condition of this nature persists, a doctor-consult becomes necessary who may put you on to stool softening, bulk creating, lubricant or stimulant laxatives like senna. Advisories  spelling caution on prolonged and indiscriminate use of laxatives need serious attention, as serious side-effects may ensue.Laxatives may tend to militate against normal body functions and marginalise them.

natural treatment for constipation relief

Natural way …The preferred way

Remain hydrated and drink plenty of water. Natural foods, such as chia seeds, aloe Vera , prunes, figs, raisins, pro-biotics,  berries and flax seeds that are ground into a fine powder, should become a part of the food chain and the menu. Other set of foods recommended are those high in fibre content, leafy greens, whole grain breads, oat bran, corn cereals , fruits with apple  could occupy top-of- the ladder position.

Herbal remedies are breaking new grounds. Black-seeds, olive leaves, garlic and sennoside compounds catalyse bowel movement.

In this genre of natural remedies and particularly in the context of sennosides, Alchem Life has developed a natural effect solution for constipation relief called Laxaquest, a combination of calcium sennoside and other herbal extracts to support gentle and over-night relief from occasional constipation.

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