Acidity Bringing You Down? 5 Foods To Avoid During Indigestion

5 Foods To Avoid During Indigestion

When it come to day-to-day health issues, there’s no other condition more uncomfortable and unsettling than acidity and gastritis. Usually the by-product of unhealthy eating habits, indigestion and gas can strike at any time and carries the potential to thoroughly ruin your day. As the summer approaches, it’s all the more important to keep a robust digestive system to avoid unwarranted illnesses.

In light of the increasing cases of digestion related issues such as gastritis, acidity and acid reflux, I decided to start this summer with a list of the Top 5 foods that you should definitely avoid during the season to keep heartburn and acidity at bay.

Stay Off Meat For Indigestion Relief


The most succulent and eclectic of all food items, especially for those who have a deep fondness of non-vegetarian foods, meat is known to be highly troublesome to your digestive system, especially if you are suffering from acidity. The likes of chicken, turkey and beef carry high levels of purines  that lead to a build-up of uric acid in the blood. It is highly advisable to stay off meat and other such products, if you are experiencing indigestion and gas.

Avoid Alcohol For Acid Reflux


The proverbial ‘choice of poison’ for millions across the globe, alcohol is pretty much the most consumed liquid, next to water.  While one consumes alcohol on a recreational basis, yet it would be best if you’d avoid it during acidity and acid reflux. Considered to be one of the most acidifying foods in the world, alcohol can easily aggravate stomach aches and lead to aggressive acid reflux and even vomiting.

No Coffee For Gastritis Relief

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The ‘gasoline’ of millions across the globe, coffee has now taken the shape of an indispensable item without which most of us can’t even imagine to begin our day.  However, our dependency on coffee can often lead to unsettling episodes of acidity. The acidic factor in coffee depends upon the way the beans are roasted or brewed and should actively avoided  during episodes of acidity.

Stop Eating Grains For Excessive Gas


The very staple element of our daily diet, it’s almost unfathomable to envision a meal devoid of grains. However, if you are suffering from acidity and gas or heartburn, then it would be very wise to stay off grains for a while. Glutenous grains should definitely not be a part of your meal as they are known to be quite acidic in nature and cause inflammation, leading to further discomfort.

Ditch Refined Sugar For Heartburn Relief

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If suffering from acidity or heartburn, it’d be best to avoid refined sugar. Your sweet tooth favourites, pastries, candy, white bread and soda are known to posses highly acidic properties and can greatly aggravate the condition. However, if you must eat something sweet, it’s wise to stick fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes, dates, maple syrup and raw honey.



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