Acidity Driving You Nuts? Top 3 Home Remedies for Indigestion & Gas!

home remedies for acidity and gas problem

No one likes to be sick and especially the foodies. For us, delicacies are a way of life and the very definition of our version of ‘fun’. However, the downside of being a ‘food explorer/guzzler’ is the inevitable condition called, indigestion. Also known as Dyspepsia, this illness one of the most common among folks of all ages and gender. While the common causes of acidity and gas are pretty well known, yet it’d be wise to understand the nitty-gritty of this issue and thereby gaining an insight as to how to treat indigestion and gas in an all-natural manner.

Acidity and heartburn usually area by-product of excessive acids being secreted by the gastric gland, which in turn produce a plethora of issues, such as bad breadth, gastritis, stomach pain among many others. Acid reflux is not only a really troublesome situation but is also quite embarrassing, as it directly affects your professional, personal and social life. Although, the market is flooded with end number of antacids and other gastritis treatment, yet the natural way is the best route you can take for quick and lasting relief without the worries of side effects.

Let’s take a quick peek at the three best remedies you can find around your kitchen to put up a valiant fight against gerd, acidity, heartburn and indigestion. Along with these natural defensive tools against acidity, it’s even more prudent to prevent aggravation of a gastric episode by avoiding certain food items.

Wonder Ginger For Bloated Stomach

Ginger is natural remedies for indigestion & gas

The one ingredient with universally known healing properties, ginger, is extremely beneficial and remarkably effective when it comes for indigestion relief, gas and acidity. Best known for its presence in tea and an effective solution to cold, ginger possess anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the easing of digestive issues while greatly reducing stomach lining inflammation.

 Take Coconut Water For Gas Relief

Coconut water is natural remedies for indigestion & gas

The perfect thirst quencher for summers besides good old ‘water’ coconut water offers incredible relief from acidity and helps reduce the chaos in your stomach. Packed with the goodness of fibre, this soothing drink significantly reduces indigestion with also preventing reoccurrence of acidity and acid reflux.

The Fruit Which has Acid Reflux Properties

Which fruit reduces acidity?

From being an integral part of a gym diet to being an outright obsession of the minions (all hail Gru!) bananas are everywhere. Whether you wish to have them for their protein content or just for the sake of taste, one thing that bananas do have is the power to promote a robust digestive system. Acting as a natural antacid, this delicious fruit acts as a perfect defence against acid reflux. Considered to be the most simple home remedy for indigestion, a banana a day is more than sufficient to keep your digestion in check.




These and other natural remedies for gas are definitely a must-have, especially if you are at home. However, acidity and indigestion can strike at any time or anyplace and this is where should be extra-vigilant. While the obvious path to relief would be to pop an antacid, yet the side effects that these pills might bring along cannot be discounted. Steps in Phytocid-GT, an all natural treatment for indigestion and gas. Packed with unmatched remedial properties of ginger and turmeric and developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology, one of the gastritis best medicine. It offers anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that offer instant and long lasting relief.

Natural Treatment for indigestion & gas

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