Baking Soda – Connection with the body…It Truly Runs Deep!!

baking soda health benefits

Baking Soda ,that “easy-to-use” rising agent which every house-wife loves to use to fluff her cake and gain applause has other properties as well.

Here is how!!…

From joint pains, to the indigestion cure, for the gastritis relief in kidneys and spleen, it has properties that are both curative and inherent to provide relief and treatment.It is a safe and inexpensive option too.

Baking Soda and Rheumatoid Arthritis

For starters, let us take Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

We are all aware that RA caused by inflammation in the joints,has disastrous effects. Joint stiffness and joint pains are not easy to combat. They debilitate!

The auto-immune disease which produces anti-bodies that attack its own tissues leading to deterioration and in certain complete destruction, is reduced and minimised with the consumption of Baking soda, as medical research has established that the curative properties of Baking Soda cuts into the destructive inflammation in the joints,alleviating afflicted people from joint pains. Here,the Baking Soda has a companionable relationship with Apple Cider Vinegar and a blend of both has been tried successfully over a time-line.

Indigestion Cure With Baking Soda

Phytocid-GT for indigestion and gas

It is a truism that alkaline bodies ward of illnesses.The endeavour is to alkalise the body constitution.Baking soda is blessed with antacid properties and generates acid,to catalyse easy digestion. Another natural way to treat indigestion and gas is to use Phytocid GT, AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology containing ginger and turmeric. Phytocid GT offers instant and lasting relief from indigestion and gas,bloating,acid reflux and heartburn.You could read more about the top home remedies to treat indigestion and gas here.

Gastritis Relief In Spleen and Kidneys

By drinking water with baking soda,inflammation in the spleen through macrophages has been found to be reduced.The kidney is vested with the crucial responsibility of harmonising compounds. It does,however,gets negatively impacted by excessive acidity.Studies show long-term use of antacids are tied to the onset of chronic kidney diseases. Baking soda,a natural way helps marginalise acidity. The benefits are there to be seen.Further, the contribution of Baking soda in slowing the progression of kidney disease is accepted. Among others, Baking soda has been known to align itself to the mesothelial cells, that line body cavities and keep the organs from rubbing against each other.These cells carry messages and through positive intervention of baking soda, a reduction in the inflammatory cells has been documented providing corresponding benefit to the kidneys.

Other health benefits 

A list of other ailments that respond positively to Baking soda are splinter removal,easing sunburn, dental care, relief from itchy rashes, soothing aching feet and detox baths.

Ideal Intake For Stomach Relief

It is widely believed that ½ tea spoon, dissolved in 6-8 glasses of water, consumed over a day is appropriate.

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Natural Treatment for indigestion & gas

"I had been suffering from heartburn problem for about four months. A friend suggested Phytocid-GT. Within a couple of days acidity started reducing and now ites almost gone. Thank you!"

Suneel Babu