Long-Term Use of Antacids Tied to Onset of Chronic Kidney Diseases – Study

Long-Term Use of Antacids Tied to Onset of Chronic Kidney Diseases – Study

Who knew the medications we take without a second thought for the most common of ailments could in the long run, lead to serious consequences? This is exactly what has now been confirmed for the most frequently administered antacids. As per recent studies carried out worldwide, it has been observed that prolonged use of anti-acidity and heartburn pills that treat indigestion and gas can lead to a host of acute renal diseases, long-term kidney damage and even chronic kidney disease.

The very idea of negative impact of antacids has been closely followed in the international medical community while also being supported by numerous and renowned international medical journals. The whole premise of this finding is based on the presence of PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) in over-the-counter antacids and indigestion medicines. Speaking  at the annual conference of the Indian Society of Nephrology, Dr. Deepak Kumar (Nephrologist) stated, “PPIs should be ideally prescribed in the approved indications, if possible for less than eight weeks. Beyond this, if a patient is on PPIs, kidney function and magnesium levels need monitoring.”  Widely considered among the top ten most common prescribed drugs for gastric problem, peptic ulcer and acid reflux, PPIs have also found their way into other medicals domains, namely cardiology, internal medicine, surgery and orthopaedics.

One of the primary reasons such studies have now gained prominence is the fact the medicines for acidity and hyperacidity and their side-effects have been the main topic of discussion at the Annual Conference of Nephrologists and at an Association of Physicians of India conference.

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As alarming as it might sound, the use of antacids are bound be at the same levels even years later. However, as more and more people turn towards the emerging trend of ‘alternative medicines’,  you should take the natural way to abate acid reflux symptoms and acidity. Steps in Phytocid-GT, an all-natural treatment for indigestion and gas. Harnessing the remedial properties of ginger and turmeric, this supplements for acid reflux, indigestion and gas has been developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology for faster and higher bioavailability as well as instant and long lasting  relief.

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