Say Goodbye with these 3 Natural Remedies For Acidity

Say Goodbye to Acidity with these 3 Natural Remedies

Our love for fast food and street delicacies knows no bounds. Whether it is samosas, burgers, momos (dumplings) or the ever delicious chole bhature, the hunger quotient notches up astronomically when their aroma entices our senses. There are bound to be some complications keeping in mind the rouge eating habits we’ve developed over the years. One such complication is heartburn. Typically caused when stomach acid reflux flows back up into the oesophagus, GERD symptoms and heartburn symptoms can be a really painful and an uncomfortable condition, often requiring medical assistance.

As heartburn or acidity is one of the most common of digestive problems along with symptoms of hyperacidity, there are a plethora of stomach gas remedies available in the markets to curb acid reflux. However, as side effects are often the downsides of synthetic medicines, hence it’s advisable to make use of household remedies that offer relief from indigestion and are very simple to make and use.  Take a look at our pick of these wonderful home remedies for heartburn relief:

Aloe Vera for Stomach acidity Solution


Mostly associated with skincare, did you know that aloe vera is also extremely effective when it comes to fighting acidity? This naturally occurring herb provides a soothing effect to the stomach lining and aids in the dilution of stomach acids. Due to its alkaline effective, aloe vera  is quite effective in decreasing heartburn episodes, while simultaneously reducing irritation and burning sensation.

Baking Soda To Stop Acid Reflux

Alchemlife-Phytocidgt-Baking Soda in a bowl

A proven home remedy for acidity and heartburn and a host of minor ailments, baking soda is known to be a very effective tool against indigestion.  Found in every kitchen, baking soda is known to have antacid properties that help relieve the uncomfortable burning sensation felt during an acidity or heartburn episode.

Yellow Mustard For Acid Indigestion

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With its highly potent alkalizing effect, yellow mustard is one of the most effective household antacids available for consumption. Yellow mustard combines the synergistic effects of turmeric, zinc and vinegar that offer near instant relief from acidity and heartburn, while also maintaining the body’s pH levels that help in reducing or averting indigestion episodes.



While these home remedies are quite effective and easy to find around the house, yet heartburn or acid reflux are bound by the walls of our homes. It can strike anywhere and anytime with quite uncomfortable results. Hence, it’s always best to carry a herbal medicine for gastritis that can offer instant relief at the drop of a hat. Steps in Phytocid-GT, an all natural and clinically tested treatment for indigestion and gas. Developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology Phytocid brings together the natural healing properties of ginger and turmeric that offer long lasting relief from acidity. Providing anti-inflammatory action and being a very strong antioxidant, this natural medicine for gastritis is your bet to combat indigestion with zero side effects.

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Natural Treatment for indigestion & gas

"I had been suffering from heartburn problem for about four months. A friend suggested Phytocid-GT. Within a couple of days acidity started reducing and now ites almost gone. Thank you!"

Suneel Babu