Stomach Flu? – Nature waiting in the wings

stomach flu

Norovirus is tough, resilient, dwells in the house and is the main cause of the stomach flu, never mind other bacterial and parasitic causes. Medically termed as gastroenteritis stays in the body as an unwelcome guest from periods ranging from 24 hours to even weeks. In the meanwhile, it parades its manifestation through symptoms such as diarrhoea, nauseavomiting, low grade fever, and cramps in the abdomen, for which it displays a special fondness.

Troubled Stomach wants Natural remedies

The first question assailing the mind is what to eat. Well natural foods provide the answers and all with sound reason.

The most recommended diet is the BRAT plan. Crack the acronym and you get Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast. These foods provide in unison,  a binding stomach and potassium, lost on account of vomiting and diarrhoea.

coconut water - natural remedies for stomach flu

Other foods that raise their hands for recognition are cinnamon and turmeric, capable of fighting the stomach bug. Fluids in the form of juices and tea, notably herbal tea may also provide similar relief. Apple cider vinegar figures in this list to ease stomach pain and upset issues.

Fluids are an important component. However, excessive intake on an upset body rhythm can also induce more vomits.

Coconut water, zinc supplements, and the all-so-important probiotics can be administered.

In the case of children, gradual introduction of food is the  prudent way forward.

What not to eat for Stomach flu


All the care exhibited in manging the stomach flu by eating the right kind of food can be undone if sugar, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine or processed foods are eaten. All these foods tend to cause problems in their own way through a combination of factors such as increase in blood sugar levels or aggravation in the stomach through inflammation.Aggravation follows.

Rest is necessary for stomach flu.

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