Benefits of Kefir and Its Treatment of the Leaky-Gut

Benefits of kefir

Kefir is synonymous with “good health” and is known to deliver good health. It is designed to engage itself intimately with the human body to promote wellness.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a gluten–free fermentation of bacteria and yeast, endowed with a multitude of effective microbes and has a presence of high nutrients and probiotic supplements. It is made from cows milk, but can also be made from the milk of goats and sheep.

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Kefir is better than yogurt, as it blessed with more beneficial bacteria strains, with a higher micro-organisms capacity, that facilitate greater proliferation, making its use and consumption more effective. It is also known to contain anti-oxidising properties.

Kefir and the Digestive System

The connect of food  containing pro-biotics and the stomach is by now well-established. Kefir with its focused delivery organisms and packed with a high fiber content, eliminates harmful bacteria.

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Through this process , it succeeds in restoring the balance of friendly bacteria and has thus been known to purify the intestinal tract, treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), regulates bowel movement, diarrhoea, ulcer caused by H. Pylori, abdominal pain, stomach pain, gas, heartburn remedies, gerd, gastritis treatment, indigestion symptoms and pancreatitis.

By inhibiting the growth of tumors through its probiotic strength , it is known to contain malignancies and may offer alleviation on inflammatory colon .

Kefir and Lactose Intolerance

Regular food contains natural sugar, known as Lactose. If the body is not capable of assimilating this naturally produced sugar, it can among other diseases ,cause lactose intolerance .Kefir turns lactose into lactic acid , thereby minimising the lactose content to acceptable levels.

How to Drink

Kept in refrigerated conditions, Kefir is best consumed as a beverage blended in a smoothie or mixed with cereals and oats.

In addition to kefir, you could also try these top home remedies for indigestion and gas. Also It makes it easier to keep acidity at bay by avoiding these foods.


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Natural Treatment for indigestion & gas

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