Best way to reduce inflammation in the body

Joint Pain – Reducing Inflammation

Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of lifelong illnesses such as: cancer, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Although we need inflammation to occur when we contract a virus, or if we sprain our ankle, the body can sometimes go into overdrive and be in a constant state of inflammation when it’s no longer needed; causing long term problems.


Man holding knee – reduce inflammation


By eating the right foods and eliminating the wrong foods, we can help to eradicate the inflammation, which is causing pain and stiffness. This natural process of changing our diet ensures we are not dependant on pharmaceutical medication, but instead allowing nature to do the job it was always supposed to do.


Is Ginger Root Good for Inflammation?

Ginger has been discussed for many years due to its healing abilities within the body. Pregnant women swear by it to ease their nausea and it is able to soothe an upset tummy, as well as calm inflammation. It is regularly compared to NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), because concentrated Ginger has been found to reduce inflammation, stiffness, swelling and pain in the joints. Research has found that Ginger contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, with some analgesic elements. The purest Ginger is the best to take, with more of its benefits reaching the areas where it is most needed.



Our research supported the inclusion of Ginger and Boswellia within our FlexiQule supplement.  The soothing properties of Ginger works into the joints, providing relief from pain and discomfort and we use Boswellia, because of its anti-inflammatory qualities and its ability to ease the pain in Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, making FlexiQule a supplement that is full of natural ingredients. Which is the best way to reduce inflammation in the body.

What else is there to consider when taking FlexiQule as a healing supplement for joints? It would not be a good idea to rely solely on any supplement for your health. What we do recommend is giving your body as much support as possible, by following the healthy diet suggested. FlexiQule should be taken with food, so make sure the food you’re eating is also good for the joints, thereby enabling the optimum nutrients needed for soothing stiffness and gaining flexibility.


Natural Relief from Joint pain & Stiffness
"I have always believed in hard work. But recently I started feeling a little stiffness... in my joints. Became a little hard to write, to type, to sign things. But then someone told me about FlexiQule. It's natural, and it's not like other medicines"
Ashvin Kumar