FlexiQule’s Unique Ingredients!

Boswellia & Ginger: A Unique Combination

With FlexiQule, you get a premium supplement that supports your joints with ginger and boswellia serrate extract. More powerful together than apart, ginger and boswellia interact with each other to provide you with natural relief for your joint pain. While boswellia benefits your body by naturally helping you maintain healthy joint function, ginger targets inflammation to reduce your body’s painful response to it.

FlexiQule’s Unique Ingredients!

Unlike other supplements that fill your body with unwanted additives, FlexiQule supplements contain only natural, beneficial active ingredients. This supplement combines the power and safety of high quality extracts of ginger and boswellia with AlchemLife’s unique PhytoAdvanceTM technology, allowing you to experience faster absorption and enhanced bioavailability.

Each of our powerfully potent capsules provides you with 150 mg of boswellia, or half your daily dosage for joint support. This level of boswellia is good for joints and helps protect and promote your natural systems and functioning.

By only relying on premium grade ginger extract, FlexiQule supplements are good for joints and ease inflammation to keep you feeling good, no matter your activity level.

Today, ginger extract is used to settle upset stomachs, provide pain relief and calm you down. However, one of the biggest benefits of ginger root is its ability to manage inflammation. Gingerol, the active ingredient in ginger, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits that keeps your body in peak shape. If you suffer from chronic joint pain or arthritis, taking ginger supplements is a simple step that has a profound effect on your quality of life.

The boswellia that you will find in health food stores is known as Indian frankincense or Boswellia serrata. Ayurvedic medical practitioners have used various parts of the boswellia plant to treat a variety of conditions including asthma, dysentery, osteoarthritis, ulcers and skin problems.

For centuries, boswellia and ginger have been used to support healthy joint function, mobility and flexibility. The herb prevents inflammatory white blood cells from infiltrating damaged tissues. These Boswellic acids are also known to increase blood flow to the joints.

Scientific research has shown that an extract of a rare frankincense species, Boswellia frereana, hindered the production of key inflammatory molecules, helping to avoid the painful breakdown of cartilage that is characteristic of joint inflammation and gouty arthritis.

Thanks to the power of FlexiQule, your body now gets the benefits of both powerful remedies in a single supplement. Our proprietary PhytoAdvanceTM technology provides the highest level of purity and potency from ginger and boswellia, ensuring only the best for your body.


Natural Relief from Joint pain & Stiffness
"I have always believed in hard work. But recently I started feeling a little stiffness... in my joints. Became a little hard to write, to type, to sign things. But then someone told me about FlexiQule. It's natural, and it's not like other medicines"
Ashvin Kumar