Natural Supplements for Joint Inflammation

Natural Supplements for Joint Inflammation

In our ever-changing modern world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the food and drink we consume on a daily basis, has a direct effect on our health and well-being.

Lifestyle Solutions for Arthritis Joint Pain

Your lifestyle choices affect all aspects of your physical well-being, and that includes your joints — especially if you have arthritis. Supplements can’t solve the whole problem of arthritis joint pain. Some people have a genetic predisposition to developing joint cartilage problems. However, lifestyle factors make the risk worse for them — and for everyone. Obesity and athletic injuries are the top two reasons people develop knee and hip arthritis.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Natural remedies or anti-inflammatory compounds, including turmeric, ginger, and boswellia, may work as well as aspirin and ibuprofen for treating osteoarthritis. Follow package directions and give it at least two months to fully work. Ginger may thin the blood, so consult your doctor before taking it with other blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and Coumadin or with herbs such as ginkgo.

Consume Ginger and Boswellia

Ginger contains chemicals that may have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. In research studies, ginger has been shown to lessen pain associated with arthritis and improve overall digestive/gut health. A 2005 report published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods stated that ginger extract derived from Zingiber officinale and Alpina galanga plant species inhibits the induction of several genes involved in the inflammatory response.

Boswellic acids – the active components – may have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They may also help prevent cartilage loss and inhibit the autoimmune process, making Indian frankincense/boswellia a potential therapy for RA in addition to OA. Boswellia can be found in several concentrated forms. Boswellia serrata extract is so powerful that today it’s considered comparable to NSAID pain relievers.

Try FlexiQule: Supplements for Joint Inflammation

Our FlexiQule supplement has been tried and clinically tested by Osteoarthritis patients, in order to provide relief for sore, stiff joints. It contains the purest ingredients, which soothe inflammation and ease pain. Boswelia extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties; it protects from infection, and has the ability to slow down the body’s response to irritation, ensuring that you feel better for longer. Ginger is the other superfood we use, which has the proven capability of significantly reducing joint inflammation and pain, as well as improving immobility. FlexiQule is full of natural active ingredients, which are powerful and healing, designed to improve your quality of life.


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Natural Relief from Joint pain & Stiffness
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