Broccoli and it’s Spectacular Healing Properties

Spectacular Healing Properties

All and any health advisory hammers on the relevance and importance of vegetables and fruits for a healthy life style and the need for dietary  modifications to include these two, should these be absent from the normal food list.

The family of cruciferous vegetables, which includes Broccoli, Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Brussels acquires a position of pre-eminence in the hierarchy of  food  chain. In this, Broccoli  emerges as a repository and a nucleus of nutrients both  phyto and otherwise, which are truly  spectacular.

This epitomised version attempts to list out the numerous properties of this amazing vegetable  and its spectrum- coverage.


Phytoactive -Sulforaphane

The existence of Sulforaphane gives Broccoli the strength  to address  inflammation  in the high-risk arterial areas in the heart. Research   suggests  a reduction in the carotid wall-thickness and activation of protein in the arteries for plaque reduction and curbing of  inflammation build-up.  Regular consumption of Broccoli provides a healthy cover against a risk of stroke and heart attack.

Phytoactive –Potassium 

Endowed with Potassium, Broccoli keeps the blood vessels in shape and with concomitant effect, dilates blood vessels to keep the blood pressure in check.

Phytoactive -Beta Carotene

The presence of Beta carotene, Vitamin A,  Omega 3 fatty acids ,phosphorous and anti-oxidants, provides  great help to the eyes, as age-related macular degeneration gets stalled, cataract development slows down and generally, a healthy vision follows.

Other Phytoactive

Calcium and Vitamin K– The presence of these two in broccoli confers bone health.

Kaempferol, Vitamin C, Flavonoids –Blessed with these, and  anti-oxidants properties to combat free radicals, Broccoli is an immunity-enhancer and  going forward , with inherent  high fibre content, it aids digestion, stimulates  the colon for a regulated bowel movement.

There is also a telling connect between Broccoli and Type-2 Diabetes. Cancer-causing estrogens get depleted with Broccoli  and  it qualifies for an emphatic  recommendation  to fight-off breast cancer and cancer of the uterus.

By word of caution, for Broccoli to retain its almost all-encompassing properties, it should not be boiled but steamed.Cautious consumption of raw Broccoli  is also considered a good option.

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