Diabetes…… A condition that you surely don’t want!!

Diabetes Test

“ Are you diabetic?”.

This perhaps, is normally the opening  gambit or question asked when one is checking into a medical facility. A “YES” to that harmless sounding question, somehow re -defines the  rules of engagement   and  the resultant  medical  protocol that gets  prescribed.

One does not have to fret. But one has to be concerned  as this is condition has  “Top-to-Toe” implications.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes test - sugar levels in the blood

Diabetes simply refers to the  amount of  sugar levels  in the blood and are ordinarily defined as blood glucose levels. Food sits at heart of this problem. It is what you eat. The body creates blood sugar from the ingested food to create energy. What gets absorbed helps. What does not, creates  the problem.

As is commonly known,  food gets broken down into carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and other nutrients.

Carbohydrates get singled out for exceptional mention,as  post digestion, they convert into blood sugar. Higher consumption of carbohydrates will progressively release higher levels of sugar.

Types of Diabetes

Before this gets listed out, it is important to understand the co-ordinated relevance of insulin and pancreas.


Insulin regulates the blood sugar levels and pancreas produce these for normal flow.

Diabetes manifests in following forms:

Type 1.. Where the body does not generate insulin , necessitating   insulin injections, and  making their dependence  a daily routine.

Type 2.. Where the body does produce insulin, but is either inadequate or used improperly.

Pre-diabetes..A situation where the cells are unable to use the insulin well.

Gestational Diabetes..A condition afflicting women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.

Hypoglycaemia.. This is  the flip side, characterized by low blood  sugar levels where the body flashes signals by releasing hormones and adrenaline.

Is Sugar Important ?

Sugar levels in the blood

Yes.. While all this while, sugar is being rundown, here is why it is important. Insulin permits sugar to be released from blood into the cells, who in  turn, use it for energy and body tissues need glucose to operate, especially the brain!!


Diabetes signals its presence with increase in thirst levels, dry mouth, frequent urination, blurred vision, weight loss, or a general feeling of fatigue.

Hypoglycaemia tags with it ,symptoms of  palpitation, hunger pangs, feeling sweaty or  sudden flushes.

Top-to Toe Damage

Diabetes  damages the eye vessels, can cause heart attack or a stroke   adversely impacts nerves,  kidneys, legs  leading up to gangrene and in certain  cases has been known to mess  up cognitive abilities.

Untreated hypoglycemia can cause permanent brain damage.

What to do?

Monitor it like a hawk and manage it like a good house keeper. For this regular tests such as  fasting sugar, random and notably the HbA1c test, which calibrates  average glucose levels for 2-3 months  find recommendation.

diabetes prevention foods

Eat well and while on carbohydrates, consume fiber  or fast acting carbohydrates as these then do  not convert into sugar. Modest eating at one time  or portion restraint is suggested.   Exercise a lot as it  promotes cells to  absorb sugar from blood.  Remain hydrated as water provides succour in most conditions. Hot water baths have been known to be useful. Obesity and family history have a way of aggravating the situation. So weight loss is a no brainer  and sound advice from elders with a history are also the way forward.

“The article is based on the information available in public and which the author believes to be true. The author is not disseminating any information, which the author believes or knows, is confidential or in conflict with the privacy of any person. The views expressed or information supplied through this article is mere opinion and observation of the author. The author does not intend to defame, insult or, cause loss or damage to anyone, in any manner, through this article.”

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