Tuberculosis- Causes and symptoms

Tuberculosis (TB) and Diabetes - Causes, Symptoms

Tuberculosis (TB), a scourge that goes back in time, afflicts and kills millions.This dreaded disease has been recorded as one of the oldest human afflictions, known to bye-pass human defences and cause fatalities.  An estimated 2 million people die each year on account of TB.

What causes Tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne disease and by common knowledge, caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This bacteria is released in the air by an infected person through cough, sneeze and droplets. On account of its communicability, it combines both the features  of an infection and contagion. Therefore, separation and isolation of the affected person are the practised options.It is known that the bacteria causing tuberculosis (TB) ,thrives in damp and dank places, while fresh air and sunshine destroy it.

What are the Symptoms Tuberculosis (TB)?

Though, some commonplace symptoms may suggest tuberculosis (TB), on account of the variability of factors, it is difficult to diagnose or conclusively prove the presence of TB unless a proper TB test is conducted.

The obvious and reported symptoms are coughing of blood, weakness,  getting  chills, night sweats, bad cough or persistent chest pain for three weeks or over or diarrhoea.Upon confirmation of  such symptoms,tuberculosis (TB) gets defined as Active .Research indicates that TB which is lying dormant in millions of carriers may also be  waiting to get active. An immediate response through  a Doctor consult and test are the only reasonable answers.

What are the types Tuberculosis (TB)?

Pulmonary tuberculosis characterised by blood through lung is the most prevalent one.When not in this category,tuberculosis (TB) is addressed as  extra pulmonary. Other manifestations are spinal TB causing spondylitis and back pain.TB invades the bones and has been known to cause skeletal deformities and while on a rampage can enter the central nervous system ,leading to meningitis. TB is also known, not to spare even the abdomen with its pervasive nature.

Tuberculosis (TB) and Diabetes

While diabetics are grappling with a plethora of problems occasioned by this totally undesirable disease,tuberculosis (TB) is known to enhance the risk of  Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Simply put, diabetics are more susceptible to contracting tuberculosis (TB) ,where this morbid combination, brings in its aftermath a host of problems and even pancreatitis  which may unmask its presence after the development of diabetes. Research evidences the interaction of TB and diabetes at various levels, causing impaired glucose levels. Insulin therapy, restricting morbidity and controlling glucotoxicity through a proper doctor –monitored regimen is suggested.

While extensive research is a continuing process and a lot of questions  still seek resolution ( in the treatment of TB) old age vulnerability and a geographical skew to the underdeveloped countries where the incidence of TB continues to be high, are truisms.

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