Why Good Night’s Sleep Works Wonders?

Good Night's Sleep Works Wonders

“ Good Night…Sweet Dreams”!!

How often have you heard this common place utterance and probably said it to others.  Dig deeper and realize for yourself, the significance and the medical relevance of  this wish  and  a good night’s sleep. A weary and tired body is aching for rest and  sleep provides just that.

What is Sleep?

What is Sleep?

When one is awake, the eyes blink automatically and routinely. However, when one is asleep   all voluntary movements or sensory activities get inhibited  and the body adjusts itself to a new rhythm   called   Rapid Eye Movement (REM)where the body goes  into a state of virtual  paralysis. It is in this state , called the anabolic state, where the tissues that have been damaged during the course of day activity, get repaired  and so It is rejuvenation time!!!

The Sleep Matrix. Stages and How much?

Sleeping, normally follows a pattern .Stage 1, is normally when you toss and turn, followed by Stage 2, when drowsiness creeps in and one gets disengaged with the body. Stage 3 is when sleep conquers and the restorative process setsin ,charting a different path for body , now in complete rest, transporting it to  the world of dreams .

Normally questioned, how much sleep is necessary?

This is age and medical condition- related and  hence varies. For youngsters,  8-9 hours sleep seems to be the accepted norm. For  elders, some 7-8 hours is considered adequate. For diabetics , less than 4-6 hours sleep for a continuous period of a week or so can cause aggravation.

How Does Sleep Benefit?

Sleep benefits

From the anabolic benefits of tissue repair, good sleep  lowers heart risk, is helpful for diabetics, releases hormones,   improves  appetite  enhances productivity and augments the power of concentration.

Sleep deprivation conversely leads to lethargy, depression, damage through inflammation to the digestive system  and obesity, as it results in increased appetite. Studies reveal that 90% children and 50%  adults become  obese  when good sleep is lost.

Conditions such as sleep apnoea where one  tends  to wake –up gasping for breath can acquire serious dimensions warranting medical intervention.

Go to Sleep By

Avoiding alcohol it only has a sedative quality which is not sleep.

Avoiding caffeine as it is a stimulant and works against sleep.

Avoiding use of  electronics, especially the television,  which should be switched off  at least an hour before turning in.

Some healthy sleep  tips:

De-stress. Try a warm water bath. Get a soft blue light going in the room and REALX.

Sleep deprivation causes various forms of  insomnia, such as behavioral insomnia manifesting as problem from childhood or idiopathic insomnia , which ascribes itself to a mental disorder. But the upshot is that these conditions crave attention. Do not ignore them.

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