Grape Seeds – Not Throw Always!!

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Nice juicy luscious grapes.  We savor the juice, eat the skin, and  throw away the seed. That is what we do ordinarily. Try not doing that. Eat  the seed , if possible, as this by-product has amazing across-the-board benefits that helps the body and logically  qualifies for recognition in the same illustrious list of amazing fruits , which come as a gift from the plant  and fruit kingdom to mankind.

Grape seeds , as the name suggests are the ground or crushed seeds of grapes. From the various health-giving benefits, the one that stands out for singular exception is the presence of flavonoids, which essentially are , a bunched group of diverse and various plant nutrients carrying metabolites , necessary for metabolism. Extremely few fruits or plants , which  relieve oxidation stress have this wondrous properties. Grape seeds are among those very few!!


Grape Seed Health Benefits

Lets begin with Blood pressure. Hypertensive people, especially those with metabolic disorders seem to have benefited, as grape seeds lowers the blood pressure. However, caution needs to be exercised and Doctors advice in such cases  is necessary.

Blood pressure, combined with age and other factors, tend to harden the arteries supplying blood to the heart. Grape seeds alleviate.

Eyes, are yet another organ which get impacted  with age. Macular degeneration sets in.  Studies demonstrate benefit to this ailment ,and grape seeds, through empirical studies, establish an improvement in night vision as well.

Prostate and other forms of cancer with intake of antioxidant-embedded –flavonoids in grape seeds may reduce  or lower the risk of cancer.

Finding greater expression, kidneys, liver and bone-density enhancement , cholesterol reduction, notably the LDL, appear to be the other beneficiaries. Mitochondrial functions get preserved  and neurodegenerative disorders  are addressed.

There are few side effects like headache, nausea, reduction in lower iron absorption.

Medicinal plants are available in plenty. But their energies have to be first discovered and then harnessed. AlchemLife through its parent, has  single-mindedly been devoted to this joy-of–discovery pursuit and has produced MIRAQULE C, a clinically tested natural supplement which among other plant nutrients contains grape seeds extarct.

MIRAQULE C, with its ant-oxidant  properties reduces oxidative stress and improves heart ejection fraction.

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