5 ways to ease the joint pain


Don’t let joint pain refrain you from leading a normal life. Lacking adequate physical exercise and an absence or reduction of essential nutrients in the diet could be few of possible reasons for the causes for joint pain and stiffness.While medications aid to alleviate pain, substitute time-tested methods are found to obliterate pain comprehensively.

Here are the top 5 joint pain treatment:

1. Keep Active for Joint Pain Relief


Some activity is way better than no activity. Low-impact workouts like brisk walking, swimming, cycling or low weight trainings can offer benefits of keeping the joint pain at bay. Intermittent activity slows down the progression of painful condition such as arthritis knee pain,. But please be careful as it goes that often misplaced enthusiasm in overdoing exercise, the inflamed condition can worsen. Hence, frequent breaks are advised.

2. Stretch it out for Fitness

Alchemlife-Flexiqule- Stretching

Try stretching out the joints each day, as it helps to loosen them up but only to the extent that it does not exaggerate pain. Gentle neck stretches, rolling of hands, stretching arms and fingers or even casual shrugging of shoulders can ease pain as there is a direct correlation between joint pain and exercise.Yoga, time–tested, resting on sound principles of harmonising body, soul and physical being, is a stand-out way of thwarting this malaise. ..Do Yoga!!

3. Take warm bath as a treatment for muscle and joint pain

Alchemlife-Flexiqule- WARM BATH

Warm baths are very effective as a treatment for muscle pain. But superheated baths can get the nervous system revved up and the instant relief is a bit of an illusion. Immersing the body in warm water for some time imparts favorable sensory effects. Adding certain herbal oils and medicinal extracts to the warm water are therapeutic for swollen joints which at times, are the epicenter of pain.

4. Try hot wax

A novel way to console fierce joint pain is by applying molten paraffin wax or wax bath therapy as it improves mobility by warming up the connective tissues. This wax therapy is mainly effective on the hands and feet and is a prototypical technique for sports-related injuries. Also these days, patients of osteoarthritis are advised to apply the moist heat of paraffin wax to hands or feet. Such curative approach, aids in easing pain and offering assistance in muscle relaxation, by decreasing stiffness and providing joint pain relief.

5. Use special tools for flexibility

Alchemlife-Flexiqule-TOOLS to Joint Protection

Certain reputable products are available out there in the merchandising field capable of complementing joint pain medications that doctors prescribe. Pens, knives, vegetable peelers, can or jar openers and other gripping equipments are available with a purpose of joint protection and make daily tasks a much more pleasant work by putting less pressure on the joints.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of these methods of treating an aching joint but considering the hectic schedule, you may often fail to look after your joints. An easy and efficient way to decrease cartilage degradation and help arthritis knee treatment is by taking best joint pain relief supplements like FlexiQule that help support normal joint function,mobility and flexibility and  is worth trying amongst possible natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation as it has clinical studies to start to show it’s efficacy in just 2 week .It helps arthritis pain treatment specially arthritis of hip pain & symptoms,reduce finger joint pain,arthritis pain in hands,back,foot or knee.It is also available on amazon.

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