5 Ways To Prevent Joint Pain

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Although joints are made to withstand all of the strain that is placed upon them, a lifetime of wear and tear can lead to deterioration, resulting in excruciating pain also known as arthralgia.Joint health plays an important role in our every day movement, allowing the body to be flexible. Cartilage lubricates the bones and facilitates friction-free movements, but suffering from joint pain can have a negative affect on our daily working lives.Here are 5 ways on how to prevent joint pain.

1. Exercise For Joint Pain Relief

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Exercise has always been decisive for a healthy robust living and its role in maintaining a good health exercise can at no point be over-emphasised. A good work-out exercise aid in joint pain relief and prevent joint pain as well improve muscle health, blood circulation and pain reduction. The thought of exercise during pain can be daunting, yet it holds up good by building muscles around joints that can keep off the worsening conditions of osteoarthritis. Squats, extensions, planks, bends, step-ups, strolling and rolling could be some of the exercises recommended for a good health regime.

2. Massage For Aching Joints to Prevent Joint Pain

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A massage is an eminent way of pacifying aching joints and arthritis pain cure as it soothes muscles. It can be got done in the faintly lit spas, physiotherapy clinics or even by one self. If someone is doing it on its own, try to massage the distressed area with tropical menthol to slacken off joint pain and the direction of the massage strokes should always be towards the heart-up and out!!

3. Lose Weight For Arthritis Care

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Overweight individuals are more prone to the risks of developing osteoarthritis due to the pressure of carrying excess body mass which exerts pressure making the knees vulnerable open to distress. Dropping off a moderate amount of kilos can greatly increase the chances to prevent joint pain and reduce knee pain, osteoarthritis and discomfort associated with knee replacement. Standard mantra… Lose weight, gain mobility, gain health!!

4. Heat Therapy to Prevent Joint Pain and Stiff Joints

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Heat therapy like applying heating pads or taking warm bath tend to be the finest way for soothing the stiff joints and tired muscles. Heat enhances the circulation in the joints and muscles and makes the body fragile for exercises or activity. A nice warm bath can also do wonders for easing the crippling pain in the joints and muscles of knees and hips as well as serves well as arthritis of knee treatment.

5. Rest For Joint Care

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Adequate rest and relaxation restores energy and enables the body to redress itself naturally. Moreover, resting in between the lapses of exercise allows the body to cope with exaggeration being made on it, thus halting the potential joint pain.


Preventing joint pain by following the above-mentioned methods is possible only if you lead a systematic daily routine. But in reality, people hardly get time to rest adequately. So instead of depending only on these time-consuming methods, you should rely on a surefire way to protect your joint health. Try natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation. One such herbal joint supplement is FlexiQule containing ginger and Boswellia serrata that help reduce cartilage degradation and effective treatment for joint pains.

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