Adopt this Must To-Do 15-Minute Routine for Joint Support

15 minute routine exercise for Pain Free Knee

Whether it be our daily grind of work or our love for sports/gym, mobility is one aspect of our anatomy that is by far the most indispensable. While we do tend to take a lot of care in regards to our overall health, yet joint and muscle pain can occur anytime, anywhere and due to a variety of reasons. Especially during high-impact activities, knee pain can be a rather discomforting hindrance and in many cases can bring such activities to a standstill.

However, not all is lost as Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD, a complex orthopaedic knee and sports medicine surgeon at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado has now come up with a 15 minute exercising routine to help you alleviate/avoid knee pain.  Knee pain in adults is generally associated with cartilage wear or overuse of muscles and joints during strenuous activities such as high impact sports (running, basketball etc.) and heavy workouts. Cartilage wear or Bursitis essentially occurs when tremendous pressure is exerted on a joint, which in turn leads to extremely painful conditions.


So, the question that begs to be asked is, “How do we avoid such situations?” As per LaPrade, good lower extremity strength is the key to avoiding knee pain and knee-related discomforts. As long as the quadriceps muscles are capable of taking the excess strain inflicted on knee joints, pain would be significantly lesser. To ensure that the quadriceps is well-trained, there’s a 15-minute exercise routine that is a must for all. Here are a few steps of the 15-minute regimen to be followed:

  1. Lateral band walks

  2. Forward/backward band walks

  3. Supermans (arm and leg)

  4. Windscreen wipers

  5. Elevated split squats

  6. Tuck squats

  7. Lateral agility

  8. Walking lunge with medicine ball press



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