Bid morning joint stiffness farewell with these 5 tips!

morning joint stiffness

You can never be a morning person if you wake up to joint pain! What’s worse is that sometimes this morning stiffness can spillover to the rest of the day leaving you in agony.

The good news is that there is something you can do! Here are some useful tips to help you get relief from that nasty morning joint stiffness.

1.Show some muscles flexibility:

Alchemlife-Flexiqule-Motion Exercise

Your muscles need to stretch and loosen; this will help flush them with more blood. Stretch while you are still in bed, and do some easy stretches while sitting up in bed such as bending to the front and the sides. Perform a gentle range of motion exercises on your hands, feet, wrists and any other parts affected by morning stiffness. Once you are out of bed, try doing gentle knee bends and squats this will help relieve knee joint pain.

2.Bring on the heat to avoid  Stiffness:

Alchemlife-Flexiqule-Hot Shower

Take a hot shower or use a heating pad in the mornings. This induces sweating, helps promote blood circulation and releases muscle stiffness. Be sure to close your windows if its cold outside as cold weather and dampness can further stiffen your body.

3.Joint supplements are the way forward:


There are joint care supplements available that help you with morning stiffness. FlexiQuleTM is an all natural, clinically tested solution for joint pain and stiffness. It promotes normal joint function, mobility and flexibility while taking anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory & analgesic action. Developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvanceTM plant extraction technology, backed by over 75 years of R&D and with no side effects seen.

4.Do the Joint Pain Medication:


Do some physical activity on a daily basis. Whether its joint pain medication or walking, breaking a sweat is a great way to release endorphins and help with joint pain relief. Try to avoid foods that trigger joint pain such as simple carbohydrates and cut down on food that has artificial sweeteners and colors in them.

5.Sleep plenty, sleep easy and sleep right:

Be sure to get ample sleep! Getting the right amount of sleep will ensure that your body repairs itself. Try to sleep on your sides or on your back and try to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it may cause stress to your spine and lower back.

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