Boswellia & Ginger- A Magical Combo to Combat the Perils of Joint Pain

Boswellia & Ginger- A Magical Combo to Combat the Perils of Joint Pain

Touché, Aching Joints!

Nothing could be more frustrating than pain that hinders normal activity. Unfortunately, it has become an unwanted yet a very realistic hazard that makes life difficult for people across all age spectrum- young and old!The very obvious reasons for joint pain include arthritis, injuries, and other medical conditions that lead to bone damage. Symptoms of poor joint health can creep in slowly as our joints are subjected to aggravate through wear and tear over the years. A sudden sprain can also hamper bone structure leaving someone with severe pain.

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Managing arthritic pain is undoubtedly a challenging task, as its onset can be brought upon by numerous issues including auto-immune disease that leads to rheumatoid arthritis to cartilage degradation. This is the leading cause for osteoarthritis which leads to pain in knee, hip, hand pain, swelling, and stiffness. Historically as joint pains became a scourge, but running alongside were breakthrough solutions in medical science which gave suffering patients a wide choice to choose from.

For centuries, it is a popular belief that plants  held and continue to hold key to treat a number of ailments effectively without any adverse effects. Though western medicines and pain killers were being developed, they brought in side-effects , while natural remedies were found to be side-effect-free. Demand for natural supplements  and their growth became logical leading to an extensive research on various herbal resources. Boswellia serata (Indian Frankincense) and ginger are an outcome of this research and  have turned out to be the most beneficial elements to treat arthritis symptoms like joint pain, joint stiffness, swelling etc.



From the fore-going, it can be deduced that inflammation in joints is one of the leading causes of arthritis that eventually leaves one either in utter discomfort at best, or bedridden at worst. It’s onset runs parallel with progression of age. However, there are certain ways to improve flailing joints, such as by avoiding foods that trigger pain and also by incorporating some lifestyle changes like fitness exercises, hot water bath, massage etc. Unfortunately, if the  joints are already weak as a result of injury, disease, and anxiety or simply because of ageing, nothing will be as effective as natural joint care supplements.


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The premium supplement offers combined benefits if ginger and Boswellia to provide natural relief to inflammation. Ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that not only boost overall immunity but can also reduce pain by improving joint health. Additionally, Boswellia, which is an age-old remedy for treating chronic pain, adds therapeutic benefits to bone health.


Natural Remedies for Joint Pain – Try FlexiQule

A Natural Supplement for joint support. Unlike any other supplements that give a temporary relief, the FlexiQule soft gel capsule contains the synergistic power of boswellia serrata extract and ginger,a phytoceutical product that significantly decreases further cartilage degradation, provides arthritis of knee pain relief and is a possible option for treatment of joint pain, joint stiffness, and joint inflammation relief. It could be used as an adjunct therapy and help in reducing arthritis pain medications overtime

Consequently, it prevents bone damage which is primarily responsible for pain and inflammation.  Thus, it lowers the chances of getting bogged down with joint problems.


Clinical studies on FlexiQule confirm a 48% reduction of pain in just 12 weeks consumption. Additionally, osteoarthritis patients showed three times increase in walking distance and noteworthy 59% improvement in overall physical movements. A significant 50% decrease in pain and stiffness levels was observed during another study that was carried out on patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Karnofsky scale showed a 19% improvement on a four weeks study and an astonishing 51% improvement in overall physical condition was observed which ensure the efficacy of this herbal supplement for osteoarthritis knee treatment.

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Natural Relief from Joint pain & Stiffness
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