Chikungunya- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Molecules identification on it’s WAY!

Chikungunya Causes, Symptoms & Treatment for Joint Pain

Chikungunya the virus, by virtue of its character spells PAIN and DISCOMFORT. Moment the outbreak sets in,medical advisories start rolling in.

Is Chikungunya Virus age–old ?

Well,if some 65 years ago since it manifested itself, then it sure is!! There were repeated out-breaks of this illness in Africa,where it was called the “bent-over” disease, as patients doubled-up due to debilitating pain in the joints caused by this virus. The virus also spread in Asia, giving it a tropical identification.Travel is best avoided during the period of illness ,as travellers have carried this virus to Europe and USA from Africa and Asia,now making it global.

Chikungunya symptoms, causes and incubation.

Chikungunya is transmitted through Aedes Aegypti mosquito in Asia, and is maintained by humans, while the primates are the principal carriers in Africa. The normal incubation is from 3-7 days and it is always not necessary   for every mosquito- bitten patient to be caught up in this unwarranted situation.However, the most crucial thing is to get a blood test done immediately to distinguish this affliction from dengue, as the same vector-borne mosquito can impart either.Body temperatures can climb to 104-105 F, with chills that can last for a few days . Relapse is a possibility, though rare.

Is the whole body vulnerable?

Thankfully Chikungunya is always not fatal. Its favoured area are the joints. Normally, it is the smaller joints that succumb first, but the larger joints such as the knee or shoulder may not escape this onslaught. Patients complain of incapacitation, knee pain, joint pain, shoulder pain or any other joint pain, sometimes for a long period, even after ostensible recovery. Eyes are also victimized. Though conjunctivitis appears common, in rare cases the optic nerve has reportedly been impacted. Other manifestations are headaches, rash and swelling around the joints. Some reports suggest consultation with neurologists as well.

What to do?

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Consult a Doctor!! Avoid self- medication and no aspirins, please! Health and nutrition play an inevitable part in order to break free from joint pain. Try avoiding foods that trigger joint pain. More than that, take total rest and do physiotherapy. You could also adopt these 5 ways to prevent joint pain

Try having natural supplements such as FlexiQule, for joint pain and inflammation. It contains concentrated Indian frankincense and ginger to relieve frequent joint aches and improve your joint functions.

There is extensive research going on to find a cure, which is missing today. Even the pathophysiology, which examines the medical and the biological discipline is being researched. Newspaper reports suggest that molecules exhibiting antiviral molecules have been identified. So there is hope, as human perseverance being boundless will hopefully cross this frontier too.

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