Do You Know What Causes Joint Pain?

Do You Know What Causes Joint Pain?

Life is a struggle with an aching back, paining knees and stiff shoulders! It inhibits movement and risks performance of daily routine tasks We cannot afford to ignore the joint pain but before that one must know the plausible conditions causing them. Usually the reasons are injuries or diseases but there could be varying reasons. The major ones are discussed below.




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Arthritis is around us and its impacting life in a way that it is crippling. Is arthritis painful? Yes ! The most common types of arthritis responsible for joint pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. People feel stiffness in their bodies and limitations in their ability to do work.  It may stay for years and worse over time. Most of the working age population suffering from arthritis is likely to lose productive workdays due to illness or injuries. Most commonly, it affects women and as people get older it occurs more frequently. As arthritis can leave one permanently impaired.





Every one of us must have experienced the twisting of muscles while running to office, doing some household work, jogging in the park or playing some sport. This is nothing but sprain that occurs at joints and affects ligaments hampering people from performing physical activities. These are very common and can range from mild to severe, depending on the incident or event. Sprains can lead to chronic joint pains due to inflammation and swelling in the joint.However their is a direct correlation between joint pain and exercise and exercising is a must and should not be avoided but done with proper care.




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People slip, trip and fall. They hurt their back, neck, ankle or knee leading to injuries that leads to severe joint pains. Injuries can also be brought about by lifting heavy things, strenuous exercises or by repetitively performing same activity over and over again. Such injuries affect the bones, cartilage and ligaments leading to a painful joint.




People suffering from certain autoimmune diseases like lupus or viral diseases like Lyme disease are likely to experience pain landing in their joints. Gout is another painful condition caused by formation of uric acid crystals causing inflammatory joints. Bone cancer is also considered as a reason for joint pain but before you freak, know that the chances of bone cancer are extremely minimal. So if joint pain pop’s up, don’t fear. It may not be cancer.



We can’t deny the fact that aging is inevitable and every individual has to go through this phase in cycle . But old age with painful joints is a bad combination. A definite no-no!! Aging effects joints as they become stiffer and flexibility decreases.  Minerals may also deposit in and around some joints. Such breakdown of joints make usher stooping postures. the knees and hips may become more crooked and, the neck may also tilt, the shoulders can narrow and the pelvis becomes wider. Old age people thus have slow and limited movements and their walking patterns also become slower and shorter due to painful joints.


Joint pain is undoubtedly difficult to bear with and prompt action is required to improve joint health. For this, you can try FlexiQule, one of the natural supplements containing concentrated boswellia serrata extract along with ginger. Both natural ingredients are scientifically proven for joint stiffness,joint pain and arthritis pain relief naturally.

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