How Anxiety Induces Joint Pain?

No individual has been spared from bouts of anxiety which when not combated will lead to other negative conditions. It may leave one startled to learn that mental health has some sort of hook up with the distressful conditions of joint inflammation is imminent. These debilitating conditions restrict movement and day to day normal activity. Left untreated, it could become chronic pain and definitely difficult to overcome.

There are several ways by which anxiety can induce the joint pain.

1. Aching Body Joints:

Alchemlife-Flexiqule-Altered Movements

If a person has anxiety or experiences panic attacks, then it is plausible that bad postures could develop leading to jerky altered movements. This could well be the culprit for functional disabilities. Such an aching body and joints would cry out for rest, which is even worse as it leads to further aggravation. Apart from rest, there is a tendency among these affected individuals to sit cross-legged which imperceptibly ushers in pain, uniquely its own.

2. Joint Inflammation:


In re-iteration, inflammation is the by-product of anxiety as stress levels accentuate the synthesis of inflammatory molecules leading to arthritis symptoms in finger,rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis hip symptoms ,arthritis symptoms in knees,joint pain and stiffness.There are many ways to ease the joint pain which is essential in these conditions.

3. Immune System Dysfunction:

Alchemlife-Flexiqule-Immune System Dysfunction

Immune system is none other than the army of soldiers which is the defense system of the body providing a safety-net from viruses and bacteria. Anxiety and immune system have a complex relationship with each other and there are some evidences that redundant anxiety can actually impair the immune system dramatically. With a weak immune system, distress level goes high and joint problems commence.

4. Muscle Tension:

Being under stress for a prolonged time may develop muscle tension which makes the muscle stiffness enforcing the joints to work harder. Putting more stress on the joints ordinarily worsens this condition causing joint inflammation and discomfort.

Additionally, muscle tautness can itself put direct strain on the joints on its own leading to the obvious… Pain!!


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