How Ginger Treats Joint Pain!

How Ginger Treats Joint Pain

Ginger with a strong and distinctive flavor is known for its culinary usages and that’s why it is commonly found in everyone’s kitchen cabinet. But do you know that ginger with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties offers a host of health benefits. It has been used as folk medicine for centuries and now researchers have come up with its supplements featuring its extracts. This natural ingredient is effective to cure multiple ailments including cough, arthritis, inflammation, and more.

1. Active Ingredients in Ginger:

This kitchen spice which is normally used for its aroma is a member of Zingiberaceae family. Studies show that the active ingredients in ginger like gingerol, shogaols and zingerone shows anti-microbial activities which can alleviate any infection in the  body. In addition to that, it is packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can fight off oxidative stress and free radicals. Research also indicates that ginger and its components play a major role on suppressing tumour growth as shogaols and gingerols contain anti-cancer agents.

2. Benefits of Ginger for Joints:


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Researches exploring ginger’s potency in treating joint problems have confirmed that it is an effective cure for relieving arthritic pain in knee, hands and other joints.  Its extract significantly reduces body’s production of chemical properties that trigger joint pain. Ginger’s extract consumption also prevents degradation of cartilage caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Its powerful phytonutrients can combat inflammation and consequently, ease joint pain.  Ginger is also effective in reducing exercise-induced injuries like muscle pain, swelling, etc. Besides being a potential joint care supplement ginger is equally effective in treating other inflammatory diseases like diabetes, asthma, allergy, cancer and more. It thus qualifies as a natural pain reliever .

But here’s the challenge. Choosing the best form of ginger is a daunting task. Raw or cooked? Chopped or full? While raw ginger might be pungent to chew yet food items prepared with chopped ginger offer far lesser benefits, as the cooking process significantly lowers the medicinal properties of ginger. Although ginger tea and ginger bread both exude raw smell yet they contain very small amount of ginger to be effective enough for health. Doctors recommend to take ginger supplements that contain the right amount of raw extract to treat several ailments.  It offers the ultimate benefits of the medicinal plant as it contains the active and curative constituents in a concentrated form.


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FlexiQule is a best joint pain relief supplement which is rich in two vital ingredients- Boswellia and Ginger that offer the combined benefits of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Evidently it works wonder to reduce joint inflammation, arthritis, stiffness, pain etc within a short span of time.  This clinically studied natural product is  proven to be highly effective in treating osteoarthritis symptoms, hand stress arthritis, and more by reducing pain. People having this joint supplement have shown improvements in their movements, walking and other physical functions. This natural no side-effect joint food supplement is safe to restore joint health.

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