Inflammation | Your Body’s Natural Response to Irritations

In recent times, we read too much regarding inflammation within the body and how it can cause a number of diseases or make an illness worse. However, many times our body needs inflammation in order to heal from injury. To ensure that our bodies are healthy and able to repair itself, it is important to understand the difference between good and bad inflammation; in some cases it’s crucial to allow it to occur and in other situations, when it’s not helpful for the body.

Causes of Inflammation

Some Causes of Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is triggered by numerous factors, but most of them are within your control and can be avoided or replaced. Take a look at this list. Anything sound familiar?

  • Poor dietary choices: processed foods, too many animal products (factory farmed are the worst offenders), sugary drinks, trans fats and certain unhealthy saturated fats, and excess alcohol

  • Gut health issues

  • Food allergies

  • Chronic infections (bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites)

  • Stress and exhaustion

  • Sedentary lifestyle

How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation?

  1. Eat more plant-based, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

  2. Focus on gut health.

  3. Identify and address food allergies and chronic (or hidden) infections.

  4. Relax and rest more.

  5. Reduce toxins in your food, home, and personal care products.

Inflammation Can Heal your Body

Many study told us that inflammation may not be the enemy for us because it can heal our body. We also found that when inflammation occurred, 2 proteins were activated which stabilized blood sugar levels in mice who were obese or who had diabetes. For over 20 years, inflammation was seen as a barrier to obesity and diabetes but with the new findings, it seems that in these cases it is actually of benefit.

Live a Healthier Life

Luckily, in this modern world there are diets and supplements recommended to combat chronic inflammation that are required for a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of orange fruits and green leaves vegetables, the fewer processed foods the better and eliminate chronic stress from your life! Natural products like Ginger and Boswelia are great for the body, being full of antioxidants. Combined with the fact that they are anti-inflammatory too, making them an ideal supplement for general health.

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