Joint care tips for RUNNERS:Get set for marathon success with these 5 natural ways

Tips For Runners

NO PAIN-NO GAME is an inside joke amongst enthusiastic runners-meaning that most of them have resigned to the fact that they will have to endure some kind of knee pain or joint pain or joint stiffness while running.

Even if you are a perfect runner, you can’t be immune to the general wear and tear of the joints. With each foot strike-your ankles, knees and hips endure a significant force of impact. Follow your passion by all means, but take the following steps to safeguard your joints and protect them.

1.The Devil Is In The Weight Contributes to Joint Pain

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The first cardinal rule for any runner is balanced weight. This is important because excess body weight puts added pressure on weight- bearing joints, which can cause wear and tear. This increases your risk of developing osteoarthritis. The extra body weight may lead to inflammation in the body which further contributes to joint disorders.

2.Cross-Training For Flexibility


Regular exercise helps in strengthening the muscles and ligaments surrounding joints, thus protecting them from damage. It even makes your bones strong. Walking, swimming and cycling are all low-impact forms of cardio exercises that help strengthen the bones as well as joints. Yoga and tai chi can be excellent for flexibility and balance, but be careful, as certain yoga positions can irritate joints.

3.Warm Up And Cool Down For Joint Stiffness


Before gearing up for a run, a 10-minute warm-up session is crucial to increase blood circulation and preparing your muscles and joints for the exercise you are about to do. Start with some stretches or a light jog. Similarly, after a fulfilling run, it’s ideal to end with a 5 to 10-minute easy walking or jogging. This will reduce the risk of joint adhesions and stiffness.

4.Bulls Eye With Shoes for Joint Health


This doesn’t mean that you blow up a fortune buying shoes that will run for  you but spend time choosing the ideal shoe that has more to do with your running style and the shape of your foot than it does with the logo stitched on the side. So, determining the type of running you do is the first perquisite.

5. Spot The Signs Of Arthritis


If you spot swelling around the joints accompanied by pain, it’s probably best to avoid impact activities for some time and focus on natural healing. FlexiQule is a natural herbal supplement for arthritis, packed with the healing properties of ginger and boswellia serrata extract combo and developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance technology. FlexiQule is your one stop all natural, clinically tested solution for chronic joint pain and stiffness relief or arthritis pain relief providing joint support. Get yours Today!

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