The Correlation Between Joint Pain & Exercise – An Overview

Man lifting weights using joints

When it comes joint pain and other joint related medical conditions, three illnesses immediately come to mind, namely, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis.  The question that arises is whether arthritis is painful. A person afflicted with any of these ailments suffers from a great deal of constant pain, inflammation and agony. While there are a plethora of reasons for the onset of arthritis and it sub-types, yet one of the primary causes for this debilitating disease is known to be the disuse of joints and other mobility tools. For years, researchers across the globe have been feverishly trying to establish a correlation between the lack of exercise and joint ailments. Regular exercise for joint pain relief, strengthens muscles, tendons, bone, and cartilage so that it can better endure the stress in joints.

Joint Pain Studies:

Millions of people all over the world are plagued with one form of joint illness or another and it has been observed by numerous studies that a majority of arthritis cases are a direct result of the ‘disuse syndrome’. With a self-explanatory connation, disuse syndrome refers to the lack of use of limbs, which often  leads to muscle atrophy and joint diseases. As per recent figures released by the Public Health England (PHE), about 6 million U.K citizens have found to have been lacking in basic exercises. As per the survey, 41% of the 15.3 million English adults between the age of 40 to 60 years walk less than 10 minutes in an entire month.

This alarming figure has raised concern across the UK medical society to the extent that government advisors have begun a dedicated health campaign to target this concern. The campaign itself is focused on spreading awareness about the benefits and necessity of basic daily exercises, primarily walking. Citizens across the country are being urged to minimize the use of vehicles for daily chores and adopt walking  as an alternative so as to keep their mobility in check. As far as joint health is concerned, daily exercises including walking help one keeping a check on their weight, increases endurance and helps control joint inflammation, pain and stiffness. A regular exercise regimen will not only keep your overall health protected, but it also has a significantly positive effect on joint health.

The UK survey churned out some very alarming figures, wherein  as per the PHE data, about a quarter of the British population have been categorized as ‘inactive’ This means that these individuals have a serious lack of exercise in their daily routine, to the amount of less than 30 minutes of exercise a week.  To ensure that the above-mentioned health campaign entitled, ‘One You’ reaches to the masses, the PHE has even come up with a smartphone application called, Active 10.

Supplements to help joints:

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While awareness programs are definitely an effective way to make folks understand the importance of exercising, yet regular consumption of natural food supplements is also known to be one of the best means to cater to joint health. Steps in FlexiQule, a widely appreciated best herbal joint supplement, this phytoceutical solution for joints is not only extremely effective but also 100% side-effects free. Infused with the remarkable healing properties of boswellia serrata extract and benefits of ginger, FlexiQule offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that provide long-lasting arthritis joint pain relief, while also reducing cartilage degradation.

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